Creativity Continues

Creative expression is a way to reconnect with ourselves and then with others. To encourage that community, Santa Fe Workshops has launched Creativity Continues, a collective way to develop our creative voices. These events, offered monthly, are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Offerings

Wednesday, February 3: Assignment: My Holiday
(updated 12/11/20)

Our next Creativity Continues photography assignment centers around the theme "My Holiday." This always-popular assignment is one you won't want to miss participating in. You can submit up to 5 images, as either a short picture story or individual images, by 5pm MST, Wednesday, January 20. There is no fee to participate in our "My Holiday" assignment.

Then, on Wednesday, February 3, Alison Wright, widely published documentary photographer and popular workshop instructor, will present her 20 selects and share her insights into what makes for a compelling image/picture story as she reveals her top choices. Check back here for details as they unfold, including how to join the live event.

Images should be in JPG format, at least 1800 pixels on the shortest side, at 300 dpi. Please name your files as "yourfirstname_yourlastname" (David_Smith). If you are submitting a group of images, add a number after last name. For example, "yourfirstname_yourlastname_1" (David_Smith_1, David Smith_2, etc).

Click below to submit your image(s):

Previous Offerings

December 2: Alternative Processing with Bostick & Sullivan

This recording features Dana Sullivan and Christi Wiltenberg from Bostick & Sullivan. They share a variety of expressive alternative processes, discuss the specifics of chemicals, cost, and show finished examples.

November 4: Assignment: Transitions

This recording features Laurie Klein reviewing her 20 selections from the recent Transitions assignment. Listen to her comments, impressions, and insights into what makes for a compelling image and why she chose these particular images.

Here is a slide show of all images that were submitted for Transitions:

September 2: Anatomy of an Editorial Shoot with Jeff Lipsky*

Los Angeles- based commercial and editorial photographer Jeff Lipsky shares an inside look at a magazine cover shoot — taking us from first contact to the printed page. The ultimate storyteller, Jeff offers a pro’s view of all the moving parts that make up a celebrity cover shoot for Men’s Journal. A collaborative dance of working with his support team and the magazine’s creative director, agents, and handlers is critical to Jeff’s successful relationship with the subject he is photographing. The magic of a Lipsky portrait sesson happens on set — with shared cooperation between Jeff and his new collaborator.

August 5: The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma with Maggie Steber

Documentary photographer, educator, and photo editor Maggie Steber presents images from her ground-breaking series of photographs The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma. “In The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma there is danger but also beauty in a wild jungle that has been growing unfettered. The photographs address every experience I have had in an exterior world but are now being re-interpreted in my interior landscape,” Maggie says.

May 15: Review of images from Windows with Sarah Leen and Bill Marr

This recording features Sarah Leen, former Director of Photography for National Geographic Visual Media, and her husband Bill Marr, former director of photography for the Nature Conservancy, reviewing their 20 selections, comments, and impressions from the open image call Windows. Listen to their insights into what makes for a compelling image and why they chose their particular images.

Here is a slide show of all images that were submitted for Windows: