Hotel Posada de la Aldea offers accommodations for all workshop participants. The rooms are spacious, with private baths with showers (no tubs), daily housekeeping service, phones, and televisions. Wireless internet service is available on the hotel property, however service can be spotty at times.

We highly suggest that you consider adding a day or two before (or after) your workshop. Past participants often comment that they would have loved some extra time in San Miguel to explore the town and the area further. Please also make note that San Miguel is located at an elevation of 6200 feet; it can take a day or two to adjust to the altitude if you are not used to it. If you would like to add extra nights at Hotel Posada de la Aldea, please contact the hotel directly and ask to speak with Reyna. You can mention that you are attending a workshop with Santa Fe Workshops.

Hotel Posada de la Aldea
Ancha de San Antonio 15
San Miguel de Allende, GTO Mexico 37760
Tel: 011-52-415-152-1022,
Fax: 011-52-415-152-1296
Email -- Attn: Reyna: