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Escape from the routine and indulge your passion for photography! Capture the soul of a portrait. Discover the spirit of place. Refine your personal style. Hone your technical skills. Free your imagination. Whether your desire is to break through creative barriers or learn the basics of composition, you will be inspired by some of today’s most influential photographers and instructors—in Santa Fe and Around the World. Treat yourself to one week out of the year where you are welcomed by others who are just as passionate about photography. You deserve it!

The Workshops staff is always available to answer your questions or help you find the workshop that best suits you. Give us a call at 505-983-1400 x111.

The Workshops welcomes all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals. We want to make sure you find the workshop tailored to your interests and skill levels, so we collaborated with our instructors to provide the info you need to make an informed decision. Each workshop description indicates who it is designed for (Who Should Attend), the technical skills participants are expected to have (What You Should Know), special details for that workshop (Special Notes), and if an image submission is required for acceptance (Portfolio).

Who Should Attend
Four photography levels help identify the appropriate workshops for you: Beginners, Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs, and Professionals.

BEGINNERS have little to no experience with digital cameras, photography, or image editing software.

AMATEURS have been photographing for a while, have a working knowledge of the basic features on their cameras, and are familiar with digital workflow and image editing software.

ADVANCED AMATEURS have a working knowledge of manual mode on their cameras, have a working knowledge of digital workflow and image editing software, and are familiar with artificial lighting, digital printing, or other techniques as required in a particular workshop.

PROFESSIONALS earn a majority of their income from their photography, have a substantial body of work, and are proficient in all aspects of photography, as required in a particular workshop.

Regardless of your photographic skills, all participants are expected to have a working knowledge of how to use a laptop computer. If you are having a hard time determining your skill level, please call us and our staff will help you assess which level is most appropriate for you.

For more information about manual mode, Adobe Photoshop knowledge, digital SLR guidelines, and computer requirements, please see the Cameras and Equipment section in General Information.

What You Should Know
We want to make sure that you feel confident working not only with your instructor, but also with other participants. The desire of staff, instructors, and participants alike is to maintain a consistent level of photographic proficiency in every workshop. Since each workshop has a unique set of technical skills, there are three standard phrases to indicate expected knowledge.

FAMILIARITY: You have a basic understanding
WORKING KNOWLEDGE: You are competent and can navigate comfortably
PROFICIENCY: You have in-depth experience and are a high-end user

As an example, you might see: Working knowledge of your digital SLR camera; familiarity with digital workflow and Adobe Photoshop.

Special Notes
This area indicates unique details about a particular workshop. It is typically used to communicate special technology information, such as computer workstations provided to participants for workshops held in the digital lab.

Many of the workshops for Advanced Amateurs and Professionals require you to submit a selection of 20 images. Look for a portfolio icon and a description indicating the type of images required for submission. For complete submission guidelines, see the Portfolios section in General Information.

The Workshops staff is always available to answer your questions or help you find the workshop that best suits you. Give us a call at 505-983-1400 x111.

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