2012 MARCH
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

Image © Laura Joyce-Hubbar
“First Practice” © Laura Joyce-Hubbard, an Honorable Mention in our SUMMER photo contest, Fall 2011


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© Terry Schmidbauer
“Whiskers in the Sun” © Terry Schmidbauer, an Honorable Mention in our LIGHT photo contest, Spring 2011













Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
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»Seasonal Staff Arrive

© Michael Karsh
© Michael Karsh

One sure sign—aside from the longer days—that our spring workshop season is upon us is the arrival of young and energetic photographers to join our staff. Some are fresh out of college, some have recently moved to Santa Fe, some are on epic photo treks, but for now they will be in Santa Fe for a spring to remember for the rest of their lives.

They have joined our year-round staff to get campus ready this week and welcome our first workshop participants who arrive next Wednesday. Our 23rd spring workshop season is about to begin!  It’s not too late to make plans to join us in beautiful Santa Fe.

Back row: Alexandra Arzt, Brandon Johnson, Will Van Beckham, Erik Unger, Michael Karsh, Tania Vasallo; middle row: Briget Ganske, Lauren Lamont, Amanda King; front and center: Renie Haiduk!

»Our New Media Coordinator Faces His First Season

© Michael Karsh
© Michael Karsh

The Workshops end-of-the-week image presentations are legendary and a highlight of The Workshops experience. Jake Snider, our new Media Coordinator, is ready to take on the task of creating these shows (he’s just not going to get much sleep for the month of March.)

Jake grew up in Washington DC, and majored in Film Production at Emerson College. Before coming to The Workshops he worked independently producing videos and websites for businesses in Boston.

Welcome, Jake!



»The Santa Fean Magazine’s Photo-Focus Issue

It's a Santa Fe Photo Workshops issue! Great story on The Workshops, by writer Eve Tolpa, begins on page 40. Beautiful portrait series of the scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project by instructor David Robin begins on page 26.

And the "There's Something About the Light" article is chockfull of Workshop connections—there’s an image by Workshop participant Philip Metcalf on page 33, an image by marketing director Carrie McCarthy on page 35, and an image by instructor Julien McRoberts on page 37. Enjoy!

Read the Santa Fean’s February/March 2012 issue »




»Workshops in March 2012

For a snapshot of the full season download the PDF of the Winter/Spring catalog.

© Carlan Tapp
© Carlan Tapp

Expressive Digital Landscape in Black and White
with Carlan Tapp
March 14 - March 17

Come explore the spirit of black-and-white landscapes and build your technical skills with Ansel Adam’s former teaching assistant. An extraordinarily supportive instructor, Carlan is a photojournalist dedicated to documenting the social and environmental issues that define our times.

© Raul Touzon
© Raul Touzon

Flash: The Portable Sun
with Raul Touzon
March 14 - March 17

No prior experience or complicated gear is necessary! With Raul’s expertise and enthusiasm you’ll find you get a grasp on your flash in a flash, and are ready to beautifully photograph nature, people, and everyday life.

© David Robin
© David Robin

Lighting Dramatic Portraits
with David Robin
March 21 - March 24

Who better to learn lighting dramatic portraits from than an internationally recognized portrait and beauty photographer with more than 25 years in the advertising, music, and editorial worlds? David will have you focused on mastering your lighting and aesthetic choices, and learning to create evocative and meaningful portraits.

© Bobbi Lane
© Bobbi Lane

Portraits: Natural and Flash
with Bobbi Lane
March 28 - March 31

This dynamic four-day workshop is for those who want to make better portraits without a lot of extensive equipment. Bobbi, an award-winning portrait and commercial photographer, will get you energized with creative camera techniques and design elements that help you capture the essence of your portrait subjects.

© David Middleton
© David Middleton

Available Light Travel Photography
with David Middleton
March 28 - March 31

In this workshop David encourages you to savor low light situations and shows you how—with just your camera and a few simple techniques—you can capture beautiful images in very little but very pretty light. A contributing editor of Outdoor Photographer, David’s photography and writing have been featured in many magazines, books and calendars.

© Dan Burkholder
© Dan Burkholder

HDR and Beyond
with Dan Burkholder
April 23 - April 27

High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is one of the most exciting, but often challenging, developments in modern digital photography. In this hands-on workshop, you learn Dan’s gallery-proven methods for controlling both the shooting and processing sides of HDR. A seasoned instructor, Dan’s workshops are known for their energy, information, and humor.

© Julien McRoberts
© Julien McRoberts

Route 66: Capture to Print
with Julien McRoberts
April 24 - April 28

The Mother Road is a unique experience—a feeling, a perception, a taste of sight and sound—and a photo journey not to be missed. Julien is a leading Southwest editorial photographer whose extensive travel experience helps her to know where and how to situate herself…the perfect instructor for your Route 66 adventure!

© Jill Skupin Burkholder
© Jill Skupin Burkholder

Intensive: Encaustic for Photographers
with Jill Skupin Burkholder
April 25 - April 27

One of the most unique alternative processes is the encaustic technique—using hot beeswax and pigments to enhance images. Jill, a photographer and artist whose work is exhibited around the world, introduces you to the basics of working with encaustic materials and the techniques needed to integrate this seductive medium in this two-and-a-half day intensive.

See all upcoming workshops »

»News from Our Sponsors & Friends

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Want to discover the secrets of taking outstanding photographs?  Learn from the pros at National Geographic Traveler’s photography seminars!

March 11: Boston and Los Angeles

March 18: Seattle, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia

March 25: Washington, D.C.

April 22: Denver
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© Catherine Karnow
© Catherine Karnow