2011 July MID-MONTH
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

© William Van Beckum
© William Van Beckum; Seth Resnick’s class on the hunt for “Killer Images”


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© Kent Deitemeyer
© Kent Deitemeyer, participant in Tony Bonanno's "Northern New Mexico Adventure", March 2011; Tony teaches “Great Sand Dunes: Capture to Print” October 13–18.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
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»The Heat is On: Early Contest Entry Savings End July 24

It's lazy, it's hazy… it's summer, and it's the theme of our second photo contest for 2011. Color or black-and-white, an object, a person, a location, a moment—there's a personality to summer, and it's yours to capture, define, or interpret.

Our contest is an opportunity to pause and review your photography, then join our international community of photographers and share your photographs with our distinguished jurors: Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, The New York Times Magazine; Scott Thode, Editor-in-Chief, VII magazine; Katherine Ware, Curator of Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art; Sean Kernan, Photographer; and Reid Callanan, Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

There is over $13,000 in prizes, including great products from Nikon, Calumet Photographic, Bron Imaging, Sekonic, Nik Software, Canson, Think Tank Photo, Manfrotto, photo-eye and Outside magazine… and, yes, you could win a workshop!

We look forward to seeing how you see SUMMER. Register by July 24 and save $10—3 images for $30. After July 24: 3 images for $40.

Contest Details and To Enter »

image © Bobbi Lane
image © Bobbi Lane

»Workshops Around the World

It’s a big, bold, beautiful world, just waiting to be photographed by you. Highlighted here are three of our upcoming Around The World workshops.

Oaxaca: Day of the Dead
with Raul Touzon
October 28-November 3

Capture the rich traditions of the Day of the Dead, one of Oaxaca’s most time-honored holidays. Please mention that you learned about this opportunity through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

See the details »

Tanzania Safari: A Photographic Safari of Wildlife and Maasai Tribes
with John Weiss
December 1-15

Share warm encounters with Maasai tribes and immerse yourself in photographing the wildlife and landscape of Tanzania. Please mention that you learned about this opportunity through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

See the details »

Sketches of Perú: A Photographic Exploration with Cultural and Culinary Highlights
with Daniel Milnor and Adam L. Weintraub
December 23-January 3

Embark on a Peruvian travel odyssey set against the backdrop of one of Latin America’s most spectacular cultures. Please mention that you learned about this opportunity through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

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© Raul Touzon, © John Weiss, © Daniel Milnor
© Raul Touzon, © John Weiss, © Daniel Milnor

»August/September Workshop Highlights

Summer’s not over yet… there’s still time to book a workshop for August or September.

© Jennifer Spelman
© Jennifer Spelman

Basics of Digital Photography
with Jennifer Spelman
August 15–August 19

Grab control of your camera’s features, expand your photographic skills and embrace your creativity. Jennifer’s teaching style makes this workshop an exciting five days of mastering the basics of digital photography in an energetic and supportive atmosphere.

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© Janice Wendt
© Janice Wendt

Nik Software Retouching Techniques
with Janice Wendt
August 22–August 26

Educate your eyes and listen to your images, then apply the Nik enhancements that bring your creativity to light. As an accomplished image enhancement artist, Janice demonstrates new techniques that do away with tedious selections and endless steps.

See the details »

© George DeWolfe
© George DeWolfe

Authenticity: The Process of Photographic Creativity
with George DeWolfe
September 9–September 11

Free yourself from the rules that constrain us and delve deeper into the skill of purely seeing. George starts by reviewing the fundamentals of “photographic seeing,” and keeps us focused on freedom from foundational technical problems, and unproductive behaviors.

See the details »

© George DeWolfe
© George DeWolfe

The Black-and-White Master Print
with George DeWolfe
September 12–September 16

Light on form creating presence is the key element of a genuine masterpiece. In this workshop, George guides you in honing your perceptual abilities and technical skills, including translating your work to prints.

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© Francesca Yorke
© Francesca Yorke

From the Garden to the Plate
with Francesca Yorke
September 19–September 23

Sample a delicious blend of garden and food photography. Francesca, an expert in both fields and in the art of food styling, takes you on a delightful and delicious journey exploring some of Santa Fe’s lovely gardens, the lively Farmer’s Market and a chef’s kitchen.

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© Sam Abell
© Sam Abell

Writing for Photographers
with Leah Bendavid-Val
October 1–October 4, 2011

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the words that describe the pictures are priceless. Leah, a writer and former Director of Photography Publishing for National Geographic Books, works with you to tailor your writing to serve your goals as a photographer.

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© Kevin Kubota
image © Kevin Kubota