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Mid-Season Update: Join Us in Santa Fe
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Fall Workshops in the Digital Lab

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Last Minute Opportunites Available
Our summer season is winding down, but there is still space in a few workshops over the next couple of weeks. Have a look at the descriptions below, visit the web site for more information, or call us to help you choose the right workshop (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

© Elizabeth Opalenik
© Elizabeth Opalenik
Imagination and Dreams
Elizabeth Opalenik
July 26 - August 1

This workshop is about making images that move and sustain us. Participants learn to make photographs that express their ideas through various exercises designed to heighten awareness. From portraits to landscapes, images are stepping-stones that trace where the mind has been and they form the unique vision each of us carries through life. The week includes daily assignments working with models and fellow participants. Topics as print presentation, organizing a portfolio, digital infrared, and intimate handmade books are also discussed. Risk-taking is encouraged as we apply newly acquired skills and share our collective knowledge to take that next step in a supportive environment.
© Jonathan Torgovnik
© Jonathan Torgovnik
Environmental Portraiture
Jonathan Torgovnik
August 2 - 8

The unspoken language and emotional connections between photographer, subject, and environment are the focus of this workshop. Participants navigate through the intimate and, at times, intense process of creating a successful portrait with an emphasis on photographing people in their personal environments, in and around their homes or workplaces. They learn how to meet the challenges of establishing a deep connection with subjects in a relatively short period of time. The workshop addresses the different approaches required when photographing for an editorial client or a personal project, and explores a range of light sources including the use of available daylight and portable strobe, but always with emphasis on keeping it simple and personal.
© Joe Buissink
© Joe Buissink
Staying Fresh: Being Successful as a Photographer
Joe Buissink
August 2 - 8

One of the essential elements for a successful career as a working photographer is the ability to maintain a fresh and creative approach. Unless you keep the passion for imagemaking flowing, your career simply becomes a way to make a living. This workshop with Joe Buissink looks at ways of re-opening doors that may be long closed, and keeping dreams alive. It is designed for experienced photographers who want to re-invigorate their creative process and rekindle their love affair with photography. This workshop is for those willing to take risks and journey forth on an adventure.
© Craig Stevens
© Tony Sweet
The Intimate Scenic and the Digital Edge
Tony Sweet
August 2 - 8

Standing on the edge of an expansive and breathtaking landscape is an undeniable thrill. Except for the varying light and season, however, images by other photographers may look surprisingly similar to our own. Discovering and photographing smaller, more intimate scenes allows for more personal and unique interpretations. This workshop is an exciting blend of creative outdoor photography, hands-on technical instruction in the latest digital tools, and daily critiques. After making new images, we take advantage of digital optimization tools, from raw processing to software and plug-in intervention, to create the image we see in our imagination.
© Jerry Courvoisier
Lightroom Interface
Digital Imaging Essentials: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
Jerry Courvoisier
August 2 - 8

Lightroom and Photoshop—the complete package has arrived! Now what do you do with it? In this workshop with Jerry Courvoisier, we cut to the chase and learn how these two applications function together to remarkably improve efficiency in the digital photography workflow by automating routine tasks. Participants explore the possibilities, limitations, essential shortcuts, and straightforward techniques for getting the most out of the digital photography process. This workshop is designed for beginning digital photographers and serious amateurs who need to streamline the process of integrating all of the above into their work.

Fall Workshops in the Digital Lab
With fall right around the corner, now is the time to look at workshops being offered in our digital lab. The workshops below are limited to just 12 participants. Give us a call to register (505) 983-1400 x 11.
© Marcia Reifman
© Susan Hayre Thelwell
Black and White: Capture to Print
Susan Hayre Thelwell
August 24 - 28

Explore northern New Mexico’s distinctive light, expansive landscape, and unique culture in this dynamic workshop for beginning digital photographers. Balancing time in the field and the digital darkroom, participants immerse themselves in making photographs, whether they are landscapes, portraits, or documentary images, and explore how light influences every step of the photographic process from initial capture to final print. After participants learn the correct camera settings for optimal exposures, they then explore conversion methods from color capture to black and white in Photoshop, then move on to the black-and-white printing process.
© Jerry Courvoisier
Lightroom Interface
Adobe Lightroom Intensive
Jerry Courvoisier
September 4 - 6

Adobe Lightroom is an essential image management application that makes digital photography workflow more efficient. This two-and-a-half day, hands-on workshop provides a wealth of information on how to organize, develop, and process images with maximum efficiency so that we spend less time processing images and more time taking pictures. Participants also learn when to turn to Photoshop for adjustments that cannot be made in Lightroom.
© Alan M. Thornton
© Deb Mindel
Available Light Portraits: Fiestas de Santa Fe
Alan M. Thornton
September 9 - 13

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in making effective and handsome portraits using only the light that is provided. Through demonstrations and simple assignments, we learn the basic foundations of designing and composing flattering portraits with proper angle and lens choices. The workshops takes place during Fiestas de Santa Fe, a week-long celebration that provides wonderful portrait opportunities. It is a week for exploring the local culture, people, and the amazing autumn light, while creating some memorable portraits.

Please note: This workshop is held in the digital lab. Participants are not required to bring laptop computers.
© Brenda Tharp
© Brenda Tharp
Expressive Nature and Outdoor Photography
Brenda Tharp
September 14 - 18

In this workshop, we strive to create images that portray our sense of wonder of the natural world and provoke strong emotional responses. If you feel that your photos are nothing more than pretty postcards, that they lack an expressive quality or a personal style, then this workshop is for you. Classroom time includes a review of each participant’s images, discussions of personal goals, and image presentations on the essential elements of expressive photography. Join Brenda for a week of pushing beyond that plateau and into the realm of expressive photography as you discover new ways of seeing and learn to explore the natural world with fresh eyes.

Please note: This workshop is held in the digital lab. Participants are not required to bring laptop computers.
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