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Online Newsletter for June 2007
This Issue Includes:

News Shorts

Upcoming Digital Lab Workshops

An Amazing Santa Fe Workshops Story

Featured Photography Workshops in Santa Fe

Apple Computer Sales

On-the-Road Workshops

Educational Partner: HP

Renovance.TV Workshop Featuring Fashion Photographer Claudio Basso

Latest News and Offer from Graphik Dimensions

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Quote of the Month

"Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!"

-Bill Brandt

Jerry's Digital Tip of the Month
This month, Jerry presents a PDF with great information on the new Black-and-White Adjustment Layer feature available in Photoshop CS3. Download the PDF now.

View an archive of digital tips from Jerry.

Participant Image of the Month

© Dinah McNew, participant in Doug Beasley's "Zen and the Art of Photography" workshop, San Miguel de Allende, fall 2006

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News Shorts
» By popular demand, The Workshops has added a session of "Digital Photography: The First Step" with Marcia Reifman, July 29-August 4. Click here to read more about this workshop.

» The Santa Fe Workshops is pleased to welcome Kendrick Disch to our staff as the year-round Media Coordinator. Kendrick joins us from the University of Arkansas where he worked as a Multimedia Support Specialist.We are happy to have him on our team!

» Also arriving this coming week is our seasonal staff. Nickolas Rapaz, Jennifer Spelman, Carmen Brandenburg and Chelsea Freeman are returning for another season. Joining them for the first time are David Hyams, Travis Farrell, Michael Donnor, Nathaniel Mumford, Mike Sakas, Tricia Cronin, Daniel Levine, Karen Lenz, Katherine Comly, and Jordan Haiduk. We look forward to a great summer season and welcome you all!

Upcoming Digital Lab Workshops

© Rob Sheppard
Mastering Digital Printing
with Rob Sheppard
July 1-7

The craft of digital printing is the focus of this workshop, which guides participants through the process of taking a good print and turning it into a great, truly expressive print that best represents the image. We discover the optimum Photoshop techniques for transforming a good work print to an evocative and effective final print. No matter what kind of printer you use in your home studio, Rob can offer techniques to get the most from it.

To read the complete course description and instructor biography, click HERE.

Photoshop: The Next Step
with Joshua Withers
July 15-21

If you have attended any of our beginning level Photoshop workshops, or have a basic level of proficiency in Photoshop, you are ready for the next level of our Photoshop program. In "Photoshop: The Next Step," you learn proven techniques, tricks, creative ideas, and time-saving tips that can double your productivity. The focus of the week is on developing a greater understanding of current advances in this powerful imaging application program. We examine advanced retouching, layering, masking, color adjustment, and multiple image design, while exploring the productive application of the Actions Palette and the "life-saving" History Palette. Anyone wishing to develop a greater understanding of current imaging possibilities, enhance creative potential, and improve productivity is encouraged to take this workshop.

To read the complete course description and instructor biography, click HERE.

Other available digital lab workshops this summer include Photoshop for Black and White: From Capture to Print, Teaching Photography in the Digital Age, and The Creative Digital Darkroom.

To register for any of the above workshops, call the Santa Fe Workshops (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

An Amazing Santa Fe Workshops Story

© Richard Avedon, 1980

© Roy Carter, 2006
The following story was submitted to us by Roy Carter of Alberta, Canada. Roy recently attended a workshop in Santa Fe with Greg Gorman:

On June 28th, 2006, at the Andrew Eccles course at the Santa Fe Workshops, our assignment for the day was to drive to nearby Las Vegas, NM and photograph interesting looking people off the street.  I met with Andrew Eccles at the town square in the afternoon, and he was good enough to offer me his assistant, Jenn, and his medium format gear to use for the remainder of the day. As we headed down the street in our car, we noticed what appeared to be an older looking security guard walking towards us on the sidewalk. We quickly turned around and I approached him about perhaps taking some photographs. Although he spoke no English, we managed to communicate and he was very obliging. He got in the back seat of the car and we drove a few blocks to the edge of a field to set up.  I took 13 frames in total.  He seemed to enjoy the entire episode and I dropped him off on the sidewalk where we had first met.

After arriving home, I wrote to Romero’s Tire shop in Las Vegas, NM (having shot there earlier that same day) inquiring about the fellow in the police uniform. They replied that they didn’t know his name, but that he had been a long term resident of the local Mental Institute. They said he was allowed out for walks from time to time and would always dress in the same uniform, wearing two watches, a whistle and a police hat several sizes too big. They said he was always cheerful and would sometimes stop by the tire shop and just stand and smile. They confirmed he only spoke Spanish. Having no more information I merely referred to my image as “My Old Guy”. 

Fast forward to the Greg Gorman workshop in Santa Fe in March of 2007. At the Friday night slide show, my shooting partner for the week, Luis Alvarez, gave me a book—“In the American West” by Richard Avedon. Luis’s card inside referred to it as being his “favorite book.” The book contains some 100 portraits taken by Avedon over a period of 6 years in Western USA some 25 years ago.

Back home in Canada, on Sunday morning while visiting with my wife and daughter in the kitchen as breakfast was being started, I flipped through the portraits in my new book.  There is a small notation at the bottom of each page as to the name of the individuals and their backgrounds, but for the most part I was merely looking at the images—flipping from page to page.

Two thirds of the way through the book, I flipped the page to see a portrait of a male in his 40’s, dressed in a white t-shirt with a very strange smile.  A chill immediately went down my spine. The name Greg Gorman had picked for our workshop was “Soul of a Portrait” and I knew I had seen this soul/smile before. In shock, I quickly glanced down to bottom of the page to read the notation. Avedon writes “Gilbert Saavedra, patient, State Hospital, Las Vegas, NM.” Still in shock, I yelled to my wife and daughter that the book contained a portrait of “My Old Guy” taken some 26 years earlier. My wife, Allana, pointed out the same crooked little finger on the right hand,  the same bump on the bridge of the nose,  the same smile,  the same defined neck. I now had a name for “My Old Guy”.

The write up at the back of the book indicates that Avedon went into the mental institution back in 1980 to get the shot. Avedon took over 70,000 images in a 6 year period for the project. Twenty-six years apart with over 300 million people in our 2 countries — and we had found the same soul.

Featured Photography Workshops in Santa Fe

© Richard Falco
Summer weather has come to Santa Fe which means that the summer workshop session must be just days away. Consider joining us for a workshop this summer! Great opportunities are still available including the following:

June 24-30
Exploring the Personal Narrative with Cig Harvey
Making a Difference with Your Photography with Richard Falco
Images of Grace: The Black-and-White Portrait with Rodney Smith

July 1-7
New Mexico: Its Land and People with Miguel Gandert
Black-and-White Digital Photography with Carlan Tapp

July 8-14
Photographic Lighting Techniques with Douglas Merriam
Black-and-White Photography for Young Photographers with Sharon Mier

For additional information on these workshops, click on the course title or visit the Santa Fe Workshops Web site. To view our full summer schedule, click HERE. If you have questions or would like to register, call (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

Apple Computer Sales
Jerry Courvoisier, the Digital Lab Director, has put together four recommended confirgurations for those of you looking to purchase new computer equipment this summer—two for the MacBook Pro and two for the Mac Pro. From the Santa Fe Workshops home page ( choose Apple Value Added Reseller from the home page. Use SFW0607 if asked for the password.

Call Dottie Lopez or Jerry Courvoisier at the Workshops (505-983-1400) for further information on all available Apple products. You can also go to Apple's Web site for complete product descriptions and available options.

On-the-Road Workshops

© Jacque Steedle
Peru - A Photographic and Cultural Exploration
Led by John Weiss
September 1-10, 2007

Journey through Peru and Machu Picchu with John Weiss. The proud heritage of the Quechua people and their rulers, the Incas, can be experiences in one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. As we travel overland through the Sacred Valley you will discover many sites often missed by the casual tourist.  We’ll visit the local Quechua markets, affording us a view of the myriad colors of bright clothing and local produce.  Perhaps the most spectacular part of the tour, we will walk the ancient pathways of Machu Picchu, where remarkable photography opportunities await.

Group size is limited to 12.  Land cost in Peru is $3495. For complete information, please contact Strabo International Tour Company at 607-756-8676, or call John Weiss at (410) 392-2929.  Please mention that you learned about this opportunity in the Santa Fe Workshops catalog.

© Eddie Soloway
A Natural Eye: The Coast of Maine
with Eddie Soloway
October 10-14, 2007

Eddie Soloway brings his “Natural Eye” workshop to Maine’s dramatic Phippsburg Peninsula and the secluded harbors of Casco Bay during the glorious autumn season. For centuries this juncture of land and water has attracted artists of all kinds, from painters and poets to photographers and sculptors. With the tourist season over, the pace slows, the forests glow, and there seems to be a sigh before the arrival of winter. This is the time to be in Maine!

Our home for the workshop is the gracious Sebasco Harbor Resort (, set in 575 acres of authentic Maine beauty and featuring breathtaking views of coastal shoreline. With Eddie’s guidance we explore two paths: developing a natural eye and fine-tuning technical ideas, both with the goal of capturing what we see and feel.

For complete details, visit the Web site; to register, call The Workshops at (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

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    Renovance.TV Workshop Featuring Fashion Photographer Claudio Basso
    In this deep dive weekend workshop, Claudio Basso takes you through the "what-where-how" to succeed in one of the most competitive yet exciting fields of photography. From a detailed analysis of the fashion industry and its players to a step by step training to plan, execute, edit and deliver a successful fashion shoot, Claudio does not leave a stone unturned. No time is wasted in this full immersion workshop.

    Enjoy the gourmet lunch while taking part in the Renovance.TV Talk Show, get Up, Close and Personal with the best techs in the industry, the supermodel, the agent and the creative crew. Rise and shine on early Sunday for the chance to stand on the set with one of the Masters of Photography and watch him create his magic while sharing every moment of shooting one of Donald Trump’s supermodels. Let the energy of the outstanding Splashlight Studios sink in the two shooting sessions where Claudio invites eight randomly picked participants to shoot with him. Conclude this amazing workshop with the RTV Image Award™ Ceremony which will showcase the participants images and award the winners of the best three.

    This is the true story that Claudio Basso has passed on to his assistants. Without holding back anything or bowing down to anybody he delivers an outstanding training experience, cutting out fantasies and legends to help you fast track your career as a recognized, successful photographer.

    For further information and to register, visit

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