Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

© Norah Levine
© Norah Levine; Norah teaches The Creative Pet Portrait, July 31-August 3.



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- Winter/Spring 2013 Workshops Catalog

- Summer 2013 Workshops Catalog

© Noreen O'Brien
© Noreen O’Brien, Workshops Director’s Award, OUTSIDE photo contest.

For Summer 2013 we are offering 2-day and 4-day workshops, running back-to-back each week. Our new format lets you customize your program and get more educational opportunities for your valuable time. Review all your options in our new catalog, available as a downloadable PDF from our web site.




PAST Participant IMAGE:

© Mike Roche
© Mike Roche, participant in Easter Week in San Miguel de Allende with Sarah Meghan Lee and Jennifer Spelman, March 2013.















© Arthur Meyerson
Rich in culture, heritage, and fiestas, San Miguel de Allende is once again a second home for Santa Fe Workshops, October 13-November 1, 2013.

© Arthur Meyerson























© Tania Vasallo
Help instill a passion for photography in the younger generation. Any parent or grandparent who attends a four-day or longer workshop in Santa Fe receives a $250 credit for their child or grandchild to attend during the same week.
Full details »

© Tania Vasallo

















© Zach Doleac
If you take two or more four-day or longer workshops in Santa Fe during the same calendar year, a $125 credit will be applied to the tuition of the second, and any subsequent, workshop(s).
Full details »

© Zach Doleac















Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
505 . 983 . 1400


»Summer in Santa Fe

© Jake Rutherford
© Jake Rutherford

Santa Fe is often ranked a top destination for summer travel, and with good reason. We’ve got long sunny days, bright blue skies, cool starry evenings, and an ancient, artistic city just bursting with energy. There are festivals, art markets, our world-famous opera, and concerts on the Plaza almost every day.

And the Santa Fe Workshops campus is the place to slow down and immerse yourself in your passion for photography. Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a workshop with us becomes a retreat as the bustle of daily life falls away. On-campus housing offers you a serene setting that contributes to the camaraderie of your workshop. Group meals provide time for sharing experiences and celebrating community, and the exquisite cuisine of Piñon Catering fuels your creativity.

Join us this summer and treat yourself to the Santa Fe Workshops experience.

We hope to see you soon! »



»This Just In: Two Workshops Just Added!

Due to popular demand and hot off the press! Michael Clark’s Nikon D800 Intensive and Julieanne Kost's Photoshop CS6: The Creative Composite workshop both sold out immediately, so we’ve added the following to the Summer schedule:

Just Added!
Photoshop CS6: The Creative Composite
with Josh Withers
July 3-6

Just Added!
Nikon D800 Intensive: Get the Most from your Camera
with Michael Clark
July 29-30






»Special Events: The Workshops & Eddie Soloway in Boston and San Francisco

We invite you to join photographer and storyteller Eddie Soloway for two entertaining and informative presentations of Memories, Moons, and Imagination.

© Eddie Soloway

Calumet Photographic/Boston
Memories, Moons, and Imagination with Eddie Soloway
Friday, June 21, 7:00-8:30pm
150 First Street
Cambridge, MA
Tickets: Free, but register/RSVP please!

Eventbrite - An Evening with Eddie Soloway & Santa Fe Workshops: Boston

Calumet Photographic/San Francisco
Memories, Moons, and Imagination with Eddie Soloway
Friday, July 12, 7:00-8:30pm
2001 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA
Tickets: Free, but register/RSVP please!

Eventbrite - An Evening with Eddie Soloway & Santa Fe Workshops: San Francisco

For tickets and further information you can also visit our Events page.


»Summer 2013 Workshops

For Summer 2013 we offer 2-day intensives and 4-day workshops, running back-to-back each week. Our new format lets you customize your program and get more educational opportunities for your valuable time. Want advice on mixing and matching and maximizing your workshop experience? Call us at (505) 983-1400 ext 11.

© Tony Bonanno
© Tony Bonanno

2-Day Intensives: June 17–18

Intensive: Basics of Digital Printmaking
with Tony Bonanno

Dive into the skills and techniques you need to easily and consistently produce quality photographic prints.



© Will Van Beckum
Lightroom interface © Will Van Beckum

Adobe Lightroom Intensive: Organizing and Enhancing Your Images
with Will Van Beckum

Turn on the power of Lightroom to simply and successfully organize and process your images.

© Christopher James
© Christopher James

4-Day Workshops: June 19–22

Alternative Photographic Processes
with Christopher James
NOTE: June 17–22

Add "alternative" to your artistic toolbox and explore Cyanotype, Kallitype, and a myriad of other processes.

© Arthur Meyerson
© Arthur Meyerson

The Color of Light
with Arthur Meyerson

Strengthen your ability to see and work in color, and investigate color from a personal point of view.

© Elizabeth Opalenik
© Elizabeth Opalenik

The Art of Seeing
with Elizabeth Opalenik

Enhance your powers of perception to create photographs that stimulate the imagination and awaken the senses.

© Karen Divine
© Karen Divine

Creative iPhone Photography
with Karen Divine

Tap into the power of your creative spirit and create stunning composite images using your iPhone.

© Jennifer Spelman
© Jennifer Spelman

2-Day Intensives: June 24-25

Intensive: Introduction to Black-and-White Digital Photography
with Jennifer Spelman

Train your eye to see shapes, texture, and contrasts, and open yourself up to new photographic possibilities.
© Rick Allred
Lightroom Interface © Rick Allred

Adobe Lightroom Intensive: Organizing and Enhancing Your Images
with Rick Allred

Get up to speed with Adobe Lightroom and finally organize all those images cluttering up your computers and hard drives.

© David Robin
© David Robin

Intensive: One-Light Portraits
with David Robin

Explore the use of one light in expressing an idea, emotion, and your own unique visual language.

© Michael Clark
Lightroom Interface © Michael Clark

Adobe Lightroom Intensive: The Develop Module
with Michael Clark

Discover how post-production adjustment techniques can help you realize your creative vision.

© Christopher James
© Christopher James

4-Day Workshops: June 26–29

Wet Plate Collodion
with Christopher James
NOTE: June 24-29

Take a simultaneous step back in time and into the future with this modern workshop on a time-honored process.

© Andrew Southam
© Andrew Southam

The Evocative Portrait
with Andrew Southam

Expand your relationship to portraiture and enrich your work with improved image, style, and communication skills.

© Syl Arena
© Syl Arena

Crafting Dramatic Light with Small Flashes
with Syl Arena

Build synergy between your lighting gear and your camera, and transform your relationship to light and shadow.


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