Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

© Jake Rutherford
With our mountains a-blaze with color, autumn in New Mexico is a photographer’s paradise. © Jake Rutherford, course coordinator



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- Fall 2012 Workshops eCatalog

© Michael Long
© Michael Long

We have 30 workshops running
between September and December,
ranging from our new Focus Series,
to the basics to Lightroom intensives.
Review them all in our Fall 2012
eCatalog. The catalog is also available
as a downloadable PDF from our web site.



PAST Participant IMAGE:

© Jimena Rojas
© Jimena Rojas, participant in Keith Carter's Summer 2012 workshop












© Joshua Black
© Joshua Black, one of the 46 Honorable Mentions in our SUMMER contest; Joshua’s image was one of several chosen to represent our OUTSIDE contest.














© Tania Vasallo
Help instill a passion for photography in the younger generation. Any parent or grandparent who attends a four-day or longer workshop in Santa Fe receives a $250 credit for their child or grandchild to attend during the same week. Full details »

© Tania Vasallo
















© Zach Doleac
If you take two or more four-day or longer workshops in Santa Fe during the same calendar year you’ll receive a 10 percent discount off the tuition of the lower-priced workshop(s). Full details »

© Zach Doleac















Be on the lookout for CONTINUING
news on our 2013 Cuba programs!

© Dustin Sammann
© Dustin Sammann
















Workshops for College Credit

© Memphis Barbree
For 24 years, photographers of all levels have sought to learn from our world-renowned instructors. Now you can be earning college credit from Hastings College, too! Full details»
© Memphis Barbree
















Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
505 . 983 . 1400


»OUTSIDE Photo Contest: Early Entry Deadline

© Fernando Garcia
© Fernando Garcia, Honorable Mention, SUMMER contest

The Early Entry Fee discount is a great way to save yourself $10, while still buying yourself some time. Register for OUTSIDE by 11:59pm MST on October 12, 2012 and get the discounted entry fee of $30, good for entering up to three photos. You'll still have until 11:59pm MST on November 13, 2012 to get your images in. (Just don't forget!)

OUTSIDE. Sweeping landscapes, cityscapes, the geography of textures, forms and shapes—how OUTSIDE is defined is largely up to you.

OUTSIDE Information
Fees: $30 for 3 images submitted by October 12, 2012; $40 for 3 images submitted October 13–November 13, 2012; $10 for each additional image over 3
Call for Entries Open: September 19, 2012
Early Entry Deadline: October 12, 2012
Final Submission Deadline: November 13, 2012
50 Winning Photographs Announced: December 10, 2012

Our educational partners and sponsors have contributed to an impressive prize list with a total value of over $12,000. And the 50 winning images will be featured in The Workshops online gallery.

So, what do YOU see when you go OUTSIDE?




»Cuba: People-to-People Educational Exchanges

© Jock McDonald
© Jock McDonald

Santa Fe Workshops is authorized by the United States Treasury Department to operate people-to-people educational exchanges in Cuba. And it seems that a lot of folks are quite excited about this, as many of our Cuba programs are sold out. We have limited room in the following, and don’t hesitate to ask to be put on waiting lists.

January 29 - February 6, 2013
Seeing Cuba: Discovering the Culture and People of Cuba with Elizabeth Opalenik

February 5 - February 13, 2013
Portrait of Cuba with Jock McDonald

View full details on our Cuba program »






»Breaking News! Santa Fe to Return to San Miguel!

© Sarah Meghan Lee
© Sarah Meghan Lee

After taking a bit of a pause, we’re pleased to announce we’re returning to San Miguel de Allende. Mexico is a photographer’s paradise during Easter week, and Sarah Meghan Lee and Jennifer Spelman will be leading a workshop designed to help you take full advantage of the many extraordinary sights and delights unique to this special time of year.

Easter Week in San Miguel de Allende
with Sarah Meghan Lee and Jennifer Spelman
March 25 - March 31, 2013





»Out and About This Fall: Chicago and New York

© Aline Smithson
© Aline Smithson

Chicago’s premiere photography festival, Filter, happens October 15-21. The majority of Filter events—including workshops, lectures, tours, panel discussions, networking events and portfolio reviews—take place in Chicago’s downtown Loop. Santa Fe Workshops is a part of Filter 2012, as the sponsor of Aline Smithson’s close-to-sold-out seminar, The Art of Presentation: Showing Your Work to the Fine Art Market, Wednesday, October 17, 9am-1pm, at the Wyndham Blake Hotel. We look forward to seeing all our Midwest alumni and friends there!

Learn more about Filter Photo Festival 2012 »





© David Robin

New York City is a-buzz with photo activity at the end of October. There’s PhotoPlus Expo, Eddie Soloway’s A Natural Eye: Our Urban Parks – Central Park workshop, and BronImaging’s Shoot NYC. For Shoot NYC, Santa Fe Workshops is sponsoring David Robin’s Lighting Dramatic Portraits seminar, a mini-version of his popular "Lighting Dramatic Portraits" workshop, scheduled for April 3-6, 2013. Shoot NYC has a slew of free events—register early to make sure you get in.

David Robin: Lighting Dramatic Portraits
Thursday, October 25, 3:45am–5:15pm
Shoot NYC
La Venue (Terminal Building)
608 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001

View details on Shoot NYC and register »

»Upcoming Workshops in the Spotlight: Counting Down to 2013

It’s hard to believe, but there’s only a handful of workshops remaining in 2012. There’s still time to join us!

© Dottie Lopez
© Dottie Lopez

Composition and Light
with Dottie Lopez
October 22 - October 26

Dottie imparts the fundamentals of light—how to see it and evaluate its quality, how to manage it, and how to record it to enhance the power of your photographs.
© Jeremy Sutton
© Jeremy Sutton


Painting the Passion of Flamenco
with Jeremy Sutton
October 22 - October 26

Santa Fe has a rich history of Flamenco and the week begins with an inspiring photo session with local Flamenco performers. Jeremy then introduces you to Corel Painter 12 and the Wacom tablet, tools for transforming your photographs into beautiful, evocative paintings.

© Rick Allred
© Rick Allred

Digital Workflow Essentials: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
with Rick Allred
October 29 - November 2, 2012

Rick explains the integration between Lightroom and Photoshop, the basic retouching tools in Photoshop and how to keep your new changes stored back in Lightroom.

Premiere Pro Interface © Will Van Beckum
Premiere Pro interface © Will Van Beckum

Intensive: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
with Will Van Beckum
November 5 - November 7

Will begins this two-and-a-half-day intensive with a complete overview of the different tools this powerful program (the preferred video-editing suite among editing professionals worldwide) has to offer.

© Rick Allred
Lightroom interface © Rick Allred

Adobe Lightroom Intensive: Organizing and Enhancing Your Images
with Rick Allred
November 9 - November 11

Rick shares his know-how on streamlining your photographic workflow using Lightroom, to make it possible to quickly process your images and find them easily in the future.

© Tony Bonanno
© Tony Bonanno

Fine-Art Digital Printmaking
with Tony Bonanno
November 12 - November 16

Learn how to obtain consistent high-quality print output for your color and black-and-white photographic images in this combination fieldwork/digital lab workshop with master printer Tony Bonanno.

© Susan Hayre
© Susan Hayre

Intensive: Blurb Bookmaking
with Susan Hayre
November 27 - November 29

Spend two-and-a-half fast-paced days with Susan in Santa Fe with one goal in mind: creating your own photographic book. You’ll leave with your new book ready to be uploaded!


© Dottie Lopez
© Dottie Lopez

Intensive: Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
with Dottie Lopez
November 30 - December 2

Dottie covers the best techniques and shortcuts for image enhancing, retouching, color adjusting, black-and-white conversion, sharpening, and working with selections.

© Rick Allred
© Rick Allred

Basics of Digital Photography
with Rick Allred
December 3 - December 7

Take that joyous first step into your future as a digital photographer. Under Rick’s guidance, you explore shutter speeds, apertures, and shooting modes.


See all upcoming workshops »

And, yes, 2013 is right around the corner! Our January workshops are The Birds of Bosque Del Apache: Capture to Print with Scott Frier, January 6-11; The Art and Science of Landscape Photography with Glenn Randall, January 21-25; and Get the Most out of Your Mac: An Introduction to the Mac Operating System with Will Van Beckum, January 29-31.