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© Zach Doleac
Yes, the West really is this magical, and the cowboys are real. © Course Coordinator Zach Doleac


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Image ©
© Ni Rong's "Sun Dance", top 100 for SUMMER photo contest

We have 98 workshops running between
June and December, ranging from the basics
to advanced studio lighting and multimedia
storytelling. Review them all in our
Summer/Fall 2012 eCatalog
. The catalog
is also available as a downloadable PDF
straight from our web site.

PAST Participant IMAGE:

© Nancy Schwarz
© Nancy Schwarz, participant in Christopher James “Alternative Photographic Processes” workshop, June 2012











Be on the lookout for news on
our 2013 Cuba programs!

© Jennifer Spelman
© Jennifer Spelman













Workshops for College Credit

© Memphis Barbree
For 24 years, photographers of all levels have sought to learn from our world-renowned instructors. Now you can be earning college credit from Hastings College, too! Full details»
© Memphis Barbree















Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
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»New for Fall 2012: The Focus Series

© Linde Waidhofer, © Marc Muench
© Linde Waidhofer, © Marc Muench

Introducing our Focus Series—part workshop, part festival, part seminar. You select one workshop to focus on, with the added benefit of all-community activities throughout the week.

The series leads off with our LANDSCAPE workshops. Autumn in Northern New Mexico is a magical time of year. The land is awash with color, the air brisk, and the light gently envelops all it touches.

Focus Series: LANDSCAPE, September 23-28

A Natural Eye Master Class: Finding Your Voice
with Eddie Soloway
Eddie celebrates the act of seeing and complete immersion in the landscape, encouraging you to take your technical proficiency to the next level .

Deeper into Landscape
with Linde Waidhofer
Follow both paths with Linde—photographing intriguing places in great New Mexico light, and critiquing and discussing your photographic journey.

High Desert Light
with Marc Muench
Mark takes you to a wide variety of locations, where we concentrate on working with the light to make a great subject stand out.

The Language of Landscapes
with Michael Long
In this expansive workshop, Michael encourages you to embrace an increased awareness of what a landscape photograph can be.

COLOR is the theme of Focus in week two, September 30-October 5. Santa Fe is vibrant with special seasonal activities, perfect for The Color Moment with Arthur Meyerson, The Evocative Portrait with Gregory Heisler, The Hand-Colored Photographic Print with Kate Breakey, and The Next Step with Sam Abell.

View full details on The Focus Series »


»Our First-Ever Evening Workshop: Portraiture with Norman Mauskopf

© Norman Mauskopf
© Norman Mauskopf

Norman Mauskopf—documentary photographer, portraitist and long-time instructor at The Workshops—leads The Art of Portraiture: Simple to Complex, an extended-learning opportunity with an emphasis on working in close proximity to your subjects to create insightful and intimate portraits. This 8-session workshop, geared to our local photographers, promises the intensity and learning curve of our classic workshop experience spread over two months.
In group discussions, Norman concentrates on issues central to successful portraiture, including eye contact with the camera and a subject’s relationship to the environment. Weekly assignments build one upon the other, progressing from simple to complex portrait sessions.
Classroom sessions are held Tuesday evenings at The Workshops, 6:30 to 9:30pm, starting October 9. Two field sessions and a final celebration dinner are included in the program.

View full details on The Art of Portraiture: Simple to Complex »




»Around the World: Around New Mexico

©Julien McRoberts, ©David Halpern
© Julien McRoberts, © David Halpern

Sometimes Around the World is as close as the great North American backyard. Let the adventures begin!

Route 66 Photo Adventure: Capture to Print
with Julien McRoberts
September 18 - September 22

Take the off ramp into the bygone era of the "Mother Road” on a photo trip to the scenic kitsch of Route 66.

Four Corners: Capture to Print
with David Halpern
October 16 - October 21

Embark on a photo exploration of the iconic Four Corners area, then make stunning prints of your petroglyphs & pictographs!

View all upcoming destinations including Death Valley, New York, and Africa »


»Upcoming Workshops in the Spotlight: August & September

Here’s a sampling of our inspiring offerings in August and September.

© Dottie Lopez
© Dottie Lopez

Black-and-White Digital Infrared Photography
with Dottie Lopez
August 20 - August 23

Expand the range of your artistic vision by delving into the otherworldly, surreal and dream-like world of infrared photography.
© Will Van Beckum
Lightroom Interface © Will Van Beckum

Adobe Lightroom Intensive: Organizing and Enhancing Your Images
with Will Van Beckum
August 24 - August 26

Turn on the power of Lightroom to simply and successfully organize and process your images.


© George DeWolfe
© George DeWolfe

Intensive: Authenticity—The Process of Photographic Creativity
with George DeWolfe
September 7 - September 9

Free yourself from the rules that constrain us and delve deeper into the skill of purely seeing.

© George DeWolfe
© George DeWolfe

The Black-and-White Master Print
with George DeWolfe

September 10 - September 14, 2012

Hone the perceptual abilities you need to create prints that posess the essential element of presence.

© Jock McDonald
© Jock McDonald

Exceptional Portraits
with Jock McDonald
September 10 - September 14

Enter the intuitive realm and move beyond the technical to illuminate your portraits with emotion.


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© Ralph Lee Hopkins
© Ralph Lee Hopkins

Filter: Chicago's Premiere Photography Festival

October is quickly approaching and we are thrilled about the stellar lineup of reviewers, workshop teachers and lecturers—including Aline Smithson, whose workshop is sponsored by Santa Fe Workshops—we have for this year's Filter Photo Festival! Filter takes place in Chicago, October 15-21.

View the Filter Photo Festival 2012 schedule, and register »

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