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The Evocative Portrait
with Gregory Heisler
September 30 - October 5, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Photographing people with a sense of intention. Deliberateness. Purpose. This is what separates the casual or candid portrait from the evocative portrait. Join Gregory in exploring a philosophy and methodology of portraiture that balances conscious decision-making with intuitive navigation of the unpredictable shifts that inevitably occur during the making of a portrait.

In the process of making new photographs together, we discuss and demonstrate the cascading series of choices that face every photographer who embark on the creation of a portrait. Choices involving light, mood, tone, and color. Choices involving selection of environment, location, and ambience. Choices involving lighting and camera equipment. Choices that affect your working style. Choices that affect the experience for the subject. Choices that ultimately define the portrait. There are no correct choices; there are only your choices, as personal as your fingerprints. And there is no single best way; it's a matter of finding the way that works best for you, a way that is truly and uniquely yours.

While portraiture is a collaboration, the power rests with the photographer. Learn to use this power to create your best work. It's what you owe your client, your subject, and yourself. What’s more, it's empowering, gratifying, and fun.


Gregory Heisler: Gregory Heisler's work has been featured in Life, Esquire, GQ, GEO, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and The New York Times Magazine...

© Gregory Heisler
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