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The Color Moment
with Arthur Meyerson
September 30 - October 5, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

"Arthur's teaching style was exactly what I was looking for. Accolades when warranted and constructive criticism with a good dose of humor and fun!" Paul Stelmaszyk, former workshop participant

The great color photographer Ernst Haas once said, “The decisive moment in black and white is not the same in color. Each needs awareness in seeing and, because of this, a different discipline.”

Join Arthur in a journey of exploration to heighten your awareness of seeing in color and record those distinctive color moments. Through daily assignments, critiques and discussions, you acquire new techniques to help you become more sensitive to light, color, and composition—and learn to capture those fleeting instants when all the elements come together.

The week begins with a review of each participant’s images and a discussion of personal and career goals. In addition to addressing the aesthetics of the color moment, Arthur leads group critiques and spends individual time guiding you in applying your unique vision and refining your style for creative fulfillment and professional success. Daily assignments in the field allow us to take advantage of the stunning light and colors of Northern New Mexico. This workshop also affords a rare opportunity to collaborate with instructors and participants of the other workshops being conducted concurrently.

You leave this intense and fun-filled week with a greater appreciation for color, a stronger awareness of your personal vision and strengths, and an enhanced sensitivity in capturing the “decisive moment” in color.


Arthur Meyerson: Arthur Meyerson is an award-winning photographer and highly sought-after workshop instructor. He travels throughout the world...

The Color Moment
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