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The Language of Landscapes
with Michael Long
September 23 - September 28, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Whenever you venture into a landscape—whether it’s a natural environment or one that is human-constructed—you are offered countless photographic opportunities. The potential lies not only in what you see, but also in how you interpret it. In this expansive workshop, Michael encourages us all to embrace an increased awareness of what a landscape photograph can be and helps us find the visual language to bring it to life.

We spend time together daily in natural and urban landscape settings, investigating the language of composition—form, color, line, and positive and negative space—as well as the meanings that lie behind what we see literally and feel emotionally. Michael guides us first in seeing and then in capturing the vast nuances of light and interplay of shadows. Working with the grandeur of the expansive terrain and the intimacies encompassed within it, you uncover perceptions and interpretations that connect to something deeply personal. Your reward is the inspiring photographic work that results.

Santa Fe and its surrounding area offer a captivating environment that encourages an openness of vision and an increased photographic awareness. Come take advantage of Northern New Mexico’s breathtaking terrain and learn techniques that allow you to create landscape images that are both poetic and unique.


Michael Long: Michael Long is the founder of Austin Photography Workshops. He received a MFA from the University of Colorado and a BFA from...

© Michael Long
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