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Route 66 Photo Adventure: Capture to Print
with Julien McRoberts
September 18 - September 22, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

I truly appreciated everything Julien did to make this a great experience for all us—from her knowledge of the Mother Road, to setting up demonstrations and, for me personally, pushing to "try something different." Sherri Bunye, former workshop participant

Take the off ramp into a bygone era of Route 66 in New Mexico, and see how America traveled from 1926 up to the 1960’s. Our photographic journey takes us to the intact and off-the-beaten-path locations where we discover wonderful old Route 66 trading posts, filling stations, diners, tourist traps, vintage cars, and ghost towns, all along the scenic "Mother Road.”

We begin at the heart of Route 66 in Albuquerque exploring both the new and vintage sites along the famous Central Avenue. For the next two days, we continue our road trip, traveling past the Texas state line to Adrian, the midway point of Route 66. We work to hone our travel photography skills and our personal style and our schedule includes field demonstrations and individual reviews of work in progress.

On Saturday morning, we return to Santa Fe along the pre-1937 route. The remainder of our time is spent editing, processing, and printing our images in The Workshops state-of-the-art digital lab.

The often-romanticized Route 66 inspires in many of us a nostalgic tug at something buried deep within us. The Mother Road is a unique experience, a feeling, a perception, a taste of sight and sound, and a photo journey not to be missed.


Julien McRoberts: Julien McRoberts is an editorial photographer based in New York Cityand New Mexico. Her unique ability to capture intimate cu...

© Julien McRoberts
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