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Creativity and the Photographer
with Sean Kernan
July 29 - August 3, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Photography has a way of taking us to our deepest creativity. Most photographers hope that these flashes of creativity will show up at just the right time. But you don’t have to wait for them: you can go looking. Creativity is there all along, and there are ways you can get to it.

Over years of teaching and studying, Sean has gathered a series of simple exercises that explore and deepen our creative state through direct experience, and that help to make it available all the time. During this workshop we apply these exercises to daily photographic assignments, giving us the chance to see where our best work really comes from, and how to get at it more fully. In addition, as we expand our seeing and awareness, our pictures begin to change. This is a process that continues long after the workshop is over.

Extensive photographic knowledge is not a requirement; you must merely be open to new approaches and possess a desire to pursue to the adventure of seeing. We look with our cameras and our minds. We work deep, wake up, and have fun. We do work that is adventuresome and truly our own, and we prize audacious failures over small, safe successes. The only requirement is that you arrive ready to jump in!


Sean Kernan: Sean Kernan is a photographer, writer and pioneering teacher, well known for bringing out creativity in photography and life....

© Sean Kernan
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