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Learning to See in Santa Fe
with Todd H. Williams
July 15 - July 20, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Santa Fe and its environs are rich with color and form. Making strong photographs depends, in part, on creating graphic strength and tension through the placement of both of these elements in the frame. Technical skills are necessary, but compelling images can’t be made with any camera until you first develop the capacity to see.

With Todd as our well-schooled guide, we begin with a review of the core principles of photography, including how metering profoundly changes the mood and perceived content of a picture. In addition, we become acquainted with how the work of important photographers and artists has changed the nature of photography over the last 50 years.

Through lectures, demonstrations, and fun, supportive critiques, we energize our ability to “see” photographic possibilities, and rediscover the power and joy of picture making. Out in the field we learn how slowing down allows us to perceive color and form in a given scene, and how this increased awareness can lay the foundation for the creative response that leads to making pictures that matter.

Over the course of this inspiring and transformative week, seasoned world traveler Todd leads you through an exploration of Northern New Mexico’s historic plazas and high-desert small towns, as you hone essential visual skills and gain invaluable experience in the art of seeing.


Todd H. Williams: Todd H. Williams left the world of business in 1994 to return to making pictures. He lived in Paris, France, studying art and...

© Todd H. Williams
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