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Lighting and Retouching for Portrait and Beauty
with David Robin, Carrie Beene
July 15 - July 20, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Learn to create eloquent and expressive portraits and beauty images by mastering lighting and retouching for stunning aesthetic results in this unique team-taught workshop.

Portraiture is a collaboration between photographer and subject, requiring skills beyond the technical, and portraitists are constantly confronted with the challenge of creating evocative and meaningful images of their subjects.

David guides you in developing your own unique point of view and style by explaining and demonstrating his techniques for achieving stunning aesthetic results, whether in the genre of editorial, beauty, advertising, or journalism. After examining the work of some of the master photographers in the genre, we investigate simplified methods for working with subjects, including how to use light and setting to “speak” with our images.

In the age of Adobe Photoshop it is especially important for photographers to learn the proper techniques for retouching in order to achieve natural and believable results. Nowhere is this more important than in portraiture and beauty photography. Master retoucher Carrie Beene works with you to decode the mystery of retouching skin and hair, and shows us how to evaluate images in order to bring these desired results forward.

You leave Santa Fe refreshed, with new confidence and the skills to create striking imagery, as well as a more clearly defined personal vision and the ability to translate that vision into photographs.


David Robin: David Robin is a portrait and beauty photographer with more than 25 years of experience who has photographed celebrities from...

Carrie Beene: Carrie Beene is the owner and principal retoucher of CarrieNYC, a high-end digital retouching studio. Her work has been publi...

© David Robin
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