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Photographing the Travel Magazine Assignment
with Douglas Merriam
July 15 - July 20, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Learn first-hand what makes a good and comprehensive photo travel story, from people and culture to food and landscape. More often than not, photographers are only given a few days to capture images for a feature travel story, and it can be difficult to wander through a town or city taking pictures aimlessly and get anything that defines that area in a cohesive group of images. Whether you’re photographing a travel story for yourself, one that you’ll propose to a magazine, or an actual assignment from a magazine, it’s important to define what makes a location visually impressive.

We start by reviewing published travel stories that Doug has photographed for various magazines. Then we go over how to research a travel story, how to contact locations, and, crucially, how to schedule a shoot. All of this is combined with taking area-defining photographs in and around Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

We actually photograph a real travel story for a national magazine during this workshop. New Mexico Magazine is providing participants with an article written by Cheryl Jamison, and it is our job to fulfill the assignment. New Mexico Magazine is publishing select images made during this workshop to accompany the story in an issue later this year.


Douglas Merriam: Douglas Merriam has photographed hundreds of travel stories for numerous national magazines. His extensive assignments have t...

© Douglas Merriam
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