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The Portrait: Finding Your Voice
with Kurt Markus
June 24 - June 29, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

"Kurt was fantastic. His knowledge and honesty, as well as his encouragement, helped us all become better photographers." Ligia Cuevas' Johnson, former workshop participant

A powerful portrait is a gift—an expression not only of the subject, but also of the photographer. The process is a dance, an endlessly fascinating exercise in give and take. Accordingly, the pathways to a powerful portrait are many. The question that the portrait photographer must answer: “Which path do I choose?”

The goal of this workshop is to explore those paths. Will it be environmental? Intimate? Studio? And what of light? Is it found or produced? Is the portrait an absolute likeness or an impression? And what of the face? Is it necessary to show the face to define character, or might a silhouette, a fragment, or a torso suffice as a substitute? Is the photographer seeking spontaneity, a gesture, or movement?

Kurt presents examples of successful portraits, culled from his extensive archive and from the files of photography legends such as Strand, Weston, and Evans, as well as contemporary masters. These presentations are followed by critiques from the day’s assignments and portfolio reviews. Emphasis is on active picture making with models, using simple lighting techniques in a variety of locations, indoors and out.

The roads to a compelling portrait are many; join Kurt in Santa Fe and begin your journey.


Kurt Markus: Kurt Markus has made photographs for major publications, including Vanity Fair, GQ, and Rolling Stone, and done advertising c...

© Kurt Markus
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