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Alternative Photographic Processes
June 24 - June 29, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Investigate an extensive menu of alternative photographic processes in this adventurous, hands-on workshop. Christopher welcomes creative people from all disciplines—especially those individuals who possess an active sense of humor. He encourages participants to jump-start their artistic energies by experimenting with a wide array of alternative and esoteric processes. The ultimate objective of this workshop is to reveal new options, restore creative energy, and inspire new directions for each participant’s unique vision and artistic growth.

Among the processes we explore are cyanotype, cyanotype murals, kallitype, Argyrotype, salted paper, albumen, fumed silica albumen and Athentatype, gum bichromate, platinum / palladium, and Ziatype, as well as process combinations, and toning options for a variety of processes. Other topics include large-format pinhole photography, simplified digital negative production, paper preparation, and a survey of historical and contemporary alternative processes.

For those looking for extended instruction and additional processes, consider combining this workshop with the “Wet Plate Collodion” workshop, July 1­–6, and/or the “Advanced Alternative Processes: Projects” workshop, July 8­–13.

© Christopher James
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