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Intensive: Flowers Close Up
June 1 - June 3, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Explore new ways of finding, seeing, and making beautiful photographic images by discovering different methods of capturing the exquisite details of flowers and plants. By moving in close and revealing detail, you perceive new ways of creating the unique, individual, and personal renditions that are not always immediately obvious.

We begin with visits to private gardens and a plant nursery to photograph in exterior daylight, studying, among other things, how to control or soften light in order to get the best results. Next, we photograph indoors using available light in a more controlled situation. Props, reflectors, and various backgrounds help to create mood and atmosphere.

We review close-up flower images through a series of slideshows, exploring a number of artistic themes. In individual and group critiques led by Francesca, we examine composition, color, depth, and texture. Working both spontaneously and meticulously, we look at abstraction and how to interpret our subjects in multiple ways. Using an array of techniques, we master methods of enhancing and capturing the details in flowers and plants to bring forward intimate interpretations of form and result in truly creative photographs.

This workshop is bound to inspire any and all interested in flowers, nature and the art of photography.

© Francesca Yorke
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