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Beyond the Basics: Continuing Your Photographic Journey
with Jennifer Spelman
March 21 - March 24, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

More than just Photography 102 and not for those content to just make a pretty picture, “Continuing Your Photographic Journey” is designed for photographers ready to transition “beyond the basics” into creating more compelling and personal imagery. In this workshop Jennifer challenges and encourages you to engage in the art of really seeing, inspiring you to be daring in creating images that combine a clear vision with technical fluidity.

We examine composition, lens and lighting choices, and other elements, with a keen eye on the goal of matching the medium to the message. With our newfound technical savvy, we head out on location to explore different approaches to photographing people, interiors, and landscapes. Using daily fieldtrips, critiques, photographic exercises and a fully engaged teaching style, Jennifer supports participants in enhancing their skills and developing a greater level of comfort behind the camera.

Join Jennifer in this excursion “beyond the basics” and reinforce your understanding of exposure, photographing in difficult light, and streamlining your digital workflow. It’s a gentle push to the limits of your imagination.


Jennifer Spelman: Jennifer Spelman is a freelance editorial and documentary photographer. She received her photographic training as an assistan...

© Jennifer Spelman
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