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Lighting Portraits on Location
March 7 - March 10, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

"Alan was really fabulous… truly congenial and excited about teaching photography."  Suzi Grossman, former workshop participant

“Lighting Portraits on Location” brings the worlds of creative portraiture and technical control together in one workshop. Portraiture on location is a personally rewarding and challenging adventure, but one that at times is limited by the light that is available to you. This workshop demystifies the technical side of using strobe lights, teaches us how to meld it with available light, and opens up new windows into creating portraits with your own look and feel.

Through daily technical exercises and photography sessions, we explore the function and use of strobe lights and the various modifiers that help create the effects we are looking for. Mornings are dedicated to reviewing the previous days accomplishments with an open creative critique to help boost our awareness of design, framing, posing, and use of lighting. To practice our new lighting skills and techniques, our afternoons take us out of the studio to some of the most unique and challenging locations in New Mexico. Of course, no portrait lighting class is complete without willing subjects and wonderful models to help us create stunning portraits.

Every day promises to be event-filled and action-packed with learning the various styles of portraiture, unique lighting techniques, appropriate lens choices, flattering posing, and even a look at the psychology of location portrait photography. Four days with Alan will surely take your portrait photography to new levels.

© Alan M. Thornton
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