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Multimedia Storytelling
with Carlan Tapp
February 6 - February 10, 2012

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

"The workshop with Carlan was just so enriching, not only in the sense of photography, but also as an example of values, respect and spirit of life."  Monica Horstmann, former workshop participant

Good photographs are a complex record of an exchange between photographer and subject. The single image has traditionally given the viewer access to an experience, and evoked and widened feelings towards a subject. Today, multimedia presentations using still images and audio open up exciting opportunities for the photographer to take the viewer someplace they did not expect to go.

In this 5-day workshop, seasoned storyteller Carlan Tapp shares many of the inspiring and still underutilized web-based and multimedia features photographers can use as pathways to tell a narrative, a personal story, or a documentary project.

We begin by defining how to tell a story with photographs: How do we conceptualize a feeling, place, or thing into a photograph? We move on to creating the story images, then to editing and sequencing the final images. Based on a story using still images, we learn how to create audio narratives that enhance our images. We explore the many ways in which we can combine the still-image story with an audio narrative, as adding audio to still photographs puts the viewer in the moment and makes for a most compelling digital presentation. As photographers and storytellers we see how we are capable of adapting ourselves to the technological evolution of the world and learn how to take advantage of Adobe Lightroom, Audacity, and Soundslides as creative multimedia tools.

Come to Santa Fe, learn to enhance and share your stories using multimedia techniques and technologies, and work with Carlan to use these tools to take your viewers on more compelling photographic experiences.


Carlan Tapp: Carlan Tapp is a photojournalist and educator dedicated to documenting the social and environmental issues that define our ti...

Multimedia Storytelling
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