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Seeing in Black and White
October 26 - October 29, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Although the digital revolution has given the creative photographer more tools and options for capturing and enhancing the monochromatic image, none can be employed as a substitute for the unequaled ability of the human mind to visualize the potential in a subject ─ whether it be a portrait, documentary statement, or landscape.

During these four days, working with the uniquely inspiring resources of Santa Fe and its environs, we explore the play of light on natural colors, forms, and textures. We practice interpreting familiar hues with more subjective shadings of black and white, to express qualities capable of evoking positive viewer response. We learn to pre-visualize images, properly expose for the final outcome, and use our in-camera tools, computer software, and printing technology to turn our visualizations into powerful images that match the inspiration we felt at the moment of capture.

The workshop provides ample on-location opportunities for making portraits, landscapes, architectural details, or documentary studies. It also includes one-on-one conferences with David, lab instruction, and time for printing, demonstrations, discussions, image evaluations, and portfolio reviews. You enhance your ability to see in black and white, and at the same time increase your understanding and appreciation of color.

© David Halpern
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