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Pop! Adding Drama with Portable Flash
with Allen Birnbach
October 26 - October 29, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

To create great images, we need to manipulate light, natural and artificial, in effective and dramatic ways. In this workshop, we cover lighting theory and the tools for measuring, creating, and controlling light on location using portable flash. Our goal is to develop the technical skills that enable you to fulfill your artistic vision, no matter what the circumstances.

In our first meeting we cover basic lighting principles and the equipment needed for a small, location lighting kit. Then, through demonstrations and hands-on photographing, we learn how to add fill light to the available light in a scene, meter single source and multiple source lighting situations, use light modifiers to adjust the look of the light, and use color gels to add impact to your photographs. In short, everything needed to create dramatic lighting effects on location.

Each morning we conduct a group critique to provide feedback and suggestions for improving your work. Since lighting is just one tool used in the service of making great pictures, we discuss not only the technical aspects but also the composition and content of the images. These sessions—thought provoking, lively, and insightful—are followed by afternoon assignments that create opportunities to expand your aesthetic and technical abilities using your portable flash units.

New Mexico is renowned for its history, culture, and extraordinary light. The opportunity to add portable flash to create dynamic images in this beautiful setting is not one to be missed.


Allen Birnbach: Allen Birnbach's career has spanned the worlds of advertising and fine art photography for over thirty years. Client assignme...

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