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Finding Your Voice as a Photographer
October 19 - October 22, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

“Michael was an ideal teacher: generous, kind, extremely well versed in photography, and incredibly creative.”    Alesandra Zsiba, former workshop participant

Finding your photographic “voice” can be a lifelong quest. With Michael Crouser as your guide, begin the journey to developing and honing your own personal aesthetic—the point of view that is uniquely your own. We start by examining the works of well-known photographers and review the choices they make in producing their images, and how they present a unique and personal voice as a photographer. We examine the choices that we make when producing a photograph, the choices that separate the image from a mere snapshot and make it a photograph we can call our own. These elements include composition, lighting, subject, perspective, black and white versus color, and a myriad of other choices.

Our stimulating and thought provoking classroom sessions are followed with field sessions every day, to put into practice our insights, develop our eye and our voice, and to draw inspiration from the beauty of Santa Fe.

We begin to see photographs differently and learn to identify the aspects of our work that are uniquely ours, as well as the aspects that we need to discard. It’s not just the techniques that make the difference. Most importantly, it’s the point of view—yours. Ultimately, we lay a foundation to build upon and develop, which becomes the voice that is uniquely you.

© Michael Crouser
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