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Motion: A Guerilla Approach To Expanding Your Vision To Motion
May 6 - May 8, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Santa Fe Workshops in New York City

This fast-paced weekend workshop with L.A.-based still and motion photographer Embry Rucker shows working pros how to realistically incorporate motion into shoots without sacrificing their creative vision. Often it’s not about elaborate gear and dramatic narratives, it’s about being light, fast, efficient and knocking it out of the park for your client. Our guerilla approach workshop dispels the myth that adding motion is going to throw off the flow of your normal still shoot—on the contrary, seeing a shoot from a motion perspective oftentimes leads to better stills.

This informative, pro-level workshop provides a solid foundation in the quickly expanding world of motion through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. Participants learn how to produce a cohesive motion project for the client, with limited budgets and time, thus making yourself an invaluable asset. We cover the basics of motion including equipment, budgets, crew selection, logistics, and the final editing process. Understanding these basic building blocks of motion will enable you to shoot, direct, and put together a strong, collaborative crew that is well-versed in all aspects of a motion production.

We spend time each day working hands-on with both motion and still rigs to feel and understand the requirements of that symbiotic relationship. Over the course of the weekend three shoots are produced—commercial, documentary, and fashion—in the studio and on location. These productions give participant first-hand experience with a motion production.

Join Embry and our well-versed-in-motion support staff for this important and fun weekend adventure into the world of motion.

Includes tuition, model & location fee, and 2 dinners. Travel and accommodations not included.
© Embry Rucker
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