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Beginning Adobe Photoshop
with Rick Allred
July 31 - August 6, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Propel yourself quickly and deeply into the world of Adobe Photoshop—the most powerful imaging program available. As we learn the language of this amazing—and amazingly—fun program, we start our journey into the endless possibilities that Photoshop has to offer—image adjusting, color correction, retouching and restoration, filters, image compositing, adding text to images, and much, much more.

We begin at the beginning, with the basic tools and menus of Photoshop. Then we proceed to one of its most versatile, powerful and creative features—layers. Through discussion, demonstration, and hands-on application, we practice using layers to enhance and composite images; creating image and type layers; adjusting images for tone and color using levels and curves; retouching techniques, and much more.

This solid introduction gives beginners and self-taught users a complete understanding of the basics of Photoshop and starts you on the road to creative experimentation and project work. Evening lab hours are available to continue practicing these new skills and techniques and afford you time to create and work on personal projects.


Rick Allred: Rick Allred has been passionate about photography since 1986. He jump-started his digital career in 1996, when he helped laun...

© Rick Allred
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