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People and Places
with Bobbi Lane
July 24 - July 30, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Santa Fe is an enchanting locale, famous for the diversity of its culture, the creative energy of its populace, and the splendor of its landscape. This workshop is for photographers eager to explore this setting while expressing their vision in location portraits and the natural world. As we experiment with a variety of styles, and make use of creative camera techniques and essential design elements, we discover how to produce compelling images that truly capture the heart and soul of our subject, whoever, and whatever that subject might be.

Topics covered include understanding and manipulating available light, using portable flash for professional results, adjusting the color temperature of lighting, and creating a mood. We also discuss composition and design, the relative merits of color and black and white, methods for developing a concept, and the importance of approaching people from a perspective and understanding of human psychology. We learn to be more aware of what the environment has to offer visually, from the smallest detail to the entire scene. By the end of the week, participants have strengthened both their technical craft and their ability to pre-visualize concepts and gained the skills necessary to create stronger and more meaningful images.


Bobbi Lane: Bobbi Lane is an award-winning portrait and commercial photographer who brings 35 years of experience to her fun-filled works...

© Bobbi Lane
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