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Modern Dry-Plate Tintypes
with Jill Enfield
July 17 - July 23, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Gelatin emulsion tintypes were made commercially as early as the 1880s. Before that time, photographers would coat their own blackened metallic plates with a gelatin emulsion that they could dry and take with them in film holders, similar to what we use with large format cameras today. This made it easy for photographers to go on location without their portable darkrooms in tow—an exciting prospect in those days!

Today, during this week-long workshop, we learn to coat metallic plates and expose them using any medium- to large-format camera you might have. We also use Brownie box cameras, and vintage 4x5 cameras that Jill brings to the workshop. You learn how to prepare for a photo session with your plates, deciding whether to bring a portable darkroom with you, or return to develop your plates in a normal darkroom setting.

Making tintypes today is a gratifying and creatively enriching experience. While the process is not entirely predictable, to see these small but beautiful gems develop in the darkroom, with their wonderful tones and surprising colors, is a visual delight.


Jill Enfield: Jill Enfield has, for over two decades, taught hand-coloring and non-silver techniques at numerous venues, including Parsons ...

© Jill Enfield
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