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Imagination and Dreams
with Elizabeth Opalenik
July 3 - July 9, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Elizabeth Opalenik has never forgotten that exciting moment, some 30 years ago, when she realized that she could convey her innermost feelings and thoughts through her photographs. From portraits to landscapes, her images are stepping-stones that trace where her mind has been, expressing the unique vision that she carries through her life.

This workshop is about searching for and finding those exciting moments, by embarking on the thrilling pursuit of the images that move and sustain us. Through various exercises designed to heighten awareness, we learn to make photographs that express our ideas, dreams, and emotions. Our week together includes daily assignments working with models and fellow participants. We also discuss such topics as print presentation, organizing a portfolio, digital infrared, and intimate, handmade books.

Risk-taking is encouraged as we apply newly acquired skills and share our collective insights, perceptions, and discoveries. Good images don’t just happen. Most often, our best work lies just beyond our greatest failures. In the supportive environment of this workshop, we learn to use those failures to forge new ideas and explore new paths.


Elizabeth Opalenik: Elizabeth Opalenik is a fine-art photographer and sought-after educator who brings a sense of wonder and possibility to stud...

© Elizabeth Opalenik
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