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Intensive: Triggered Photography
June 6 - June 8, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Events occur every day that go unnoticed, yet are wonderfully beautiful when uniquely seen. Water droplets splashing and colliding, balloons breaking, even bullets piercing an apple can be captured with the right technology. Triggered photography (sometimes known as high-speed photography or time-lapse sequences), is nothing new, thanks to pioneers like Harold Edgerton and others. Fortunately, we now have the technology to capture such events with our own cameras, without needing specialized equipment or an advanced degree from M.I.T.

In this intensive workshop, you learn how to use off-the-shelf technology to trigger your camera and flash to capture events that occur at speeds up to 1/20,000th of a second. On the other end of the space-time continuum, you learn how to trigger your camera to create time-lapse sequences that show a flower opening in seconds instead of minutes or hours.

We spend time learning setup techniques that enable the camera and flash to capture almost any event you can imagine. Also covered are other types of sensors for capturing lightning and wildlife.

Open your photography to the rarely seen world of triggered photography, and create images limited only by your imagination.

© Terry Hauschulz
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