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Intensive: Final Cut Pro
April 26 - April 28, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Break through to editing your hi-def moving images with Final Cut Pro, the application of choice for visual artists working in the world of multimedia. A powerful, post-production application, Final Cut Pro has all the right stuff for editing and compiling video, audio, stills, titles, and credits. Working out of the Santa Fe Workshops state-of-the-art digital lab, you explore and conquer each step of the post-production process. With this hands-on experience, you build a foundation for a future in creative multimedia.

During this two-and-a-half day intensive, you are introduced to the fundamental operations of Final Cut Pro. You start with a tour of the interface, and continue with an overview of the most essential tools. You learn how to add transitions and how to “edit to the beat.” You finish the workshop learning how to export your project to a DVD, the Internet, and various hand-held devices. You are encouraged to bring your own video clips, still images, and audio tracks (this includes background sounds and music), to include in your video project. This workshop is designed to help you build a foundation of editing skills that will help you further explore the full power of Final Cut Pro.

© Cotton Miller, Final Cut Pro Interface
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