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Culture and Travel Photography
with Chris Rainier
March 20 - March 26, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Learning how to photograph the essence of a place, a people, or a culture, while traversing the world as a travel photographer is at the heart of this workshop. To jump into this exciting pursuit we explore the deserts and mountains of Northern New Mexico, the traditions of Native American culture, and the spiritual communities of Santa Fe and Taos—while becoming familiar with the tools of the travel photographer.

Our focus is on the documentary approach to photographing cultures and their environments. Daily assignments emphasize tuning in to the land and its primeval energy, as well as listening and watching for a spiritual connection to unfold during a portrait session. These are the tools and techniques required of a paid professional—a photographer/artist who is able to capture the spirit of a destination and its people for a magazine, book, or museum exhibition.

Chris leads us on field trips and guides us in finding the link between what we see and what we feel. We look at personal documentary projects from the philosophical to the technical, the spiritual to the pragmatic. In group and individual sessions, Chris discusses strategies for funding, publishing, exhibiting, and sustaining a successful career in travel photography.


Chris Rainier: Chris Rainier is one of today’s leading documentary photographers, specializing in wilderness areas and indigenous cult...

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