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Photographic Lighting Techniques
with Douglas Merriam
March 13 - March 19, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Whether your primary interest is in photographing portraits, still lifes, or food, this comprehensive workshop covers all aspects of studio and location lighting. We photograph portraits and still lifes in the studio and on campus. We examine the practical applications of photographic lighting and review the technical aspects of studio lighting to develop an understanding and appreciation of light and how it works. Participants acquire a comfortable knowledge of studio strobes and how to use them in any situation that may arise. We also explore lighting as a form of creative expression that can transform an ordinary photograph into something special, addressing how light, color, and composition combine to make visually stimulating images.

Topics covered include hard and soft light, creating sunlight through artificial strobes, making use of filters to balance for different types of lighting, location lighting, making a photograph look as if it were not “lit,” and balancing dawn and dusk light with strobes. Doug demonstrates a variety of lighting techniques, after which participants practice and play with the Workshops’ extensive inventory of professional lighting equipment, including strobes, soft boxes, and gridspots, to name a few. This workshop does not address on-camera flash. By the end of the week, every participant will understand just how easy lighting is and how to use it in any situation to create drama and effect.


Douglas Merriam: Douglas Merriam has photographed hundreds of travel stories for numerous magazines. His extensive assignments have taken him ...

© Douglas Merriam
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