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National Geographic Travel Story
March 6 - March 12, 2011

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

The stories we encounter on the pages of the National Geographic Traveler shape our conception of the wider world. These stories of far-flung lands, accompanied by indelible images, have inspired thousands of travel fantasies, and stirred the wanderlust in countless adventure seekers. This workshop, taught by Catherine Karnow, one of National Geographic Traveler’s most prolific photographers, shows you how to design and develop the same kind of travel story that has thrilled readers for years.

With Santa Fe as your willing and photogenic subject, you work individually or in pairs to develop and present your own travel stories. You learn how to find the most interesting, dynamic, and meaningful situations, and explore how to best capture the landscape, architecture, people, food, and rituals that make a region distinctive and fascinating.

Through lectures, slide shows, location shooting, intense review sessions, and passionate discussions, you learn not only how to see with enhanced vision, but how to think like a travel journalist—an explorer who gets beneath the surface to reveal the substantive essence of a place. When you embark on a journey beneath the surface, serendipity and adventure are the inevitable outcomes—and that is the stuff of great travel stories.

© Catherine Karnow
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