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A Sense of Place
with Tillman Crane
October 13 - October 16, 2010

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

To create an image that is imbued with a sense of place is an illusive yet attainable pursuit. As travel and landscape photographers, capturing the essential character and spirit of an area is what we strive for. In this inquisitive workshop Tillman works with each participant to make the illusive attainable.

One of the ways a photographer creates a sense of place in a photograph is to focus on aspects that are specific to the location. Another way is to allow our emotional reaction to the subject to define the place. By encouraging the stories and beliefs from our life experiences to be reflected in our images, we bring a new, more personal, and often richer dimension to defining a sense of place.

In this focused workshop, we naturally explore a variety of locations in Santa Fe. Seeking to make images that reveal the connection between a photographer and the location, rather than just taking a “postcard” photo, our goal is to look beyond the obvious. Using a variety of fun and challenging exercises, we work with existing light, camera positions, and lens choices to create unique images of familiar spaces in the spectacular place that is Santa Fe. Ultimately, we capture images that convey our interpretive sense of place.


Tillman Crane: Tillman Crane is a large format photographer specializing in platinum prints. As an artist, teacher, and photojournalist, Til...

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