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The Personal Portrait
with Jamey Stillings
October 6 - October 9, 2010

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

The photographic portrait is at once one of the simplest and most complex genres in photography. This workshop seeks to reconcile this paradox during four days of exploration, discovery, and creative stretching. Starting from the premise that the experience between photographer and subject is one of respect and dignity, we pursue both direct and indirect paths to creating portraits that reveal essential elements of who we are as human beings.

During our time together, we explore the portrait’s interplay between the “biography” of the subject and the “autobiography” of the photographer. We pursue spontaneity and experimentation, as well as planning and pre-visualization. Various exercises examine and illuminate avenues that lead to moments of connection.

While significant attention is paid to technique and lighting (ambient, manipulated, and created), our premise is that technique should support the creative process, not dictate it. We strip away the extraneous and distill the human components of the personal portrait. Mornings are for discussion, critique, inspiration, and brainstorming. Afternoons are for shooting, exploration, and experimentation. Wonderful Santa Fe provides a wealth of light, locations, and subjects.

Come prepared to grow, learn, laugh, cry, push, and support each other—and to enjoy the symbiosis of the group!


Jamey Stillings: Jamey Stillings’ work as a photographer spans fine art, documentary, and advertising. A passionate interest in people, ...

© Jamey Stillings
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