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Video Boot Camp
October 6 - October 9, 2010

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Join the multimedia revolution! With the integration of still and video cameras, this is a great time to expand your visual storytelling capabilities. As a class, we take the production of a video project from concept to completion.

We start with the ins and outs of creating a video with your video camera or your video-capable DSLR and conduct a basic overview of key terms and practices, including the difference between 24P, HDV, and rendering. We cover video and camera basics, composition and framing, camera moves, lighting, editing techniques, the importance of proper sound recording, and the art of storytelling.

You learn the tools of video, and gain inside knowledge on choosing the right equipment for your production. In order for your movies to sound as good as they look, we learn how to record crisp and clear audio.

After covering and recording the basics, we immerse ourselves in the editing process, to learn proven workflow practices that are simple, yet effective. We work through basic project flow, including the capture and logging of video clips, creating a rough edit, and adding still photographs, music, and titles. An overview of two different editing systems, iMovie and Final Cut Pro, is also covered. Our final product is a fully-realized, group-created project.

© Kevin Lynch (inset); Final Cut Pro interface
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