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The Autumn Landscape: Capture to Print
October 6 - October 9, 2010

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Leap to the next level in your landscape photography with Memphis and her unique approach, "Photography Using Both Sides of the Brain." The goal is to build a bridge between creativity and technology, and create inspired works of art.

With our left brains we learn to use our camera's built-in software to practice Ansel Adams's technique of pre-visualization. We explore manual settings, histograms, and dynamic range. Group image reviews are paired with discussions about contrast, human perception, color spaces, and monitor calibration.

To engage the right brain, we form deep and emotional connections with the magic and beauty around us through music, philosophy, and photography. We immerse ourselves in the fall landscape of Santa Fe, and are inspired by stimulating sunrises, shimmering aspens, golden afternoons, and infinite blue skies.

We then put into practice Adobe Lightroom techniques and complete the week by crafting two of our best images into archival prints, using the Workshops state-of-the-art digital lab. As the two sides of the mind combine, our image making expresses what we feel about a scene rather than simply what we see.

© Memphis Barbree
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