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Nikon D800: Getting The Most from Your Camera
with Eduardo Rubiano
November 10 - November 13, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Nikon recently released the latest in the D800 series, the D810. See a Nikon video shot entirely on the D810 here. Then join us to learn how to get the most from your D800 series camera.

The Nikon D800 is one of the most advanced photographic tools yet made. Capable of capturing pictures of extraordinary quality, this marvel of technology is a wonderful addition to a photographer’s means to create eloquent, meaningful, and special images.

In this engaging 4-day workshop, photographer and editor Eduardo Rubiano guides you through the many features of the camera, exploring its hardware and software capabilities. We cover important aspects specific to the D800 including lens selection, camera handling, autofocus options, techniques to achieve sharp focus, metering modes, custom functions, maintenance tips, and video shooting capabilities.

An important aim of this workshop is helping you simplify your camera workflow and giving priority to the creative process. Be prepared to go beyond the technical realm, through group and individual exercises in the classroom and in the field, to identify the camera settings that best serve your unique photographic purpose. Finally, with the goal to further extract the most of your raw files and move closer to bringing your vision to fruition, we will look at basic post-production workflow using Adobe Lightroom.

Join Eduardo and see for yourself why the Nikon D800 is regarded as a technological marvel.


Eduardo Rubiano: Eduardo Rubiano, a former picture editor and digital imaging specialist at the National Geographic Society, is an internation...

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