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The Art and Science of Landscape Photography
with Glenn Randall
October 20 - October 24, 2014

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A good landscape photographer has the brain of an engineer and the heart of a hopeless romantic. This workshop helps you develop both halves of your photographic personality.

We start with the craft, which for a landscape photographer goes far beyond understanding photographic basics like aperture and shutter speed. It also includes the ability to locate promising subjects using topographic maps and computerized mapping tools, and having a working knowledge of atmospheric optics (the science of how sunlight interacts with our atmosphere.)

Most crucially, mastering the craft includes understanding how the complexities of human vision affect the way we see the world and the way we view art. One of the fundamental problems for landscape photographers is finding the best way to compress the broad range of tones we see in the real world into the much narrower range of tones we can reproduce in a photographic print.

This five-day workshop tackles this very problem—and others—from many angles, starting with exposure in the field and concluding with a variety of digital-processing techniques. We spend mornings in the classroom and digital lab, and afternoons practicing these newly learned techniques at the many scenic locations found in and around the richly inspiring environs of Santa Fe. Glenn gives each participant not only the solid foundation in craft that they need in order to flourish as artists, but also offers the opportunity for a one-on-one portfolio review.

To sum up Glenn's approach to teaching landscape photography in eight words: Master the craft, and the art will follow.


Glenn Randall: Glenn Randall has been a full-time photographer, writer, and instructor for 36 years. Over 1,500 of his photographs have been...

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