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New Rules: No Rules Photography
with David Robin
October 6 - October 10, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


Please note date change. The dates on printed materials state October 27–31. New dates are October 6–10.

Every day we are bombarded with new rules we must follow, and nowhere is this more prevalent then in the medium of photography. Sometimes these photo rules help us to navigate the seeming complexity of the medium. Sometimes, however, they get in the way of creativity, distracting us from our vision and the opportunity to innovate.

Join David as you take a deep breath and explore what happens when you photograph without a rulebook. We do this within reason, of course (the lawyers made us say that).

David is well equipped to guide you on this journey of exploration, as he's been following and breaking rules (in photography that is) for over twenty years. From motion blur to high ISO to low-fi to underexposure and beyond, he encourages you to take chances, make wonderful "mistakes," and explore the far reaches of your creativity, performing without a net in order to reunite with the rush of your own inspiration.
In order to ignore the rules, however, we first review what some of them are, by examining the masters' works and noticing how they conform or contrast with conventional norms. From there we equip ourselves with techniques to subvert and disrupt the accepted wisdom while creating something new and truly unique.

After five days of class discussions, demonstrations, and assignments— having had fun and making great photographs in the process—you come away with a refreshed sense of what is possible when you put your fear aside and try something new.


David Robin: David Robin is a portrait and beauty photographer with more than 25 years of experience who has photographed celebrities from...

© David Robin
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