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© Hal Gregersen

Innovative Leadership
and Photography

3-day workshop with Hal Gregersen and Sam Abell
In association with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

September 24 - 27, 2014
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Senior Executives with moderate to advanced photographic skills


MEALS: Tuition includes two dinners and three lunches

QUESTIONS? Call Reid Callanan at 505.983.1400 x115.

How can becoming a better photographer make you a better leader?

Great photography expands our observations skills, allows us to experiment with new ways of doing things, and increases our ability to interact with people unlike ourselves. Most of all, it forces us to ask questions about the things we don't know, providing new insights and ways of viewing the world.

As senior executives we often live in insulated worlds, focusing on our work and at times overlooking areas of inspiration. This can result in stagnation and an inability to innovate. By changing the way we look through a camera lens, however, we can approach our organizations, and the world, in entirely new ways. Becoming a better photographer can unlock our capacity to ask disruptive questions—the kind that can lead to innovation and transformative change.

Great leaders ask disruptive questions—of themselves and others. But how can photography help us do it more powerfully? In this 3-day workshop, Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center and Sam Abell, world-renowned National Geographic photographer, will help you uncover untapped aspects of yourself—both as a leader and as a photographer—and teach you how to ask substantially different questions that will change how you lead.

Entry into this unique workshop requires Senior Executive experience (current or past) and moderate to advanced photography skills. We plan to build on both sets of experience as we work together to disrupt your leadership and your photography by helping you ask better questions in each domain.

If you are interested in being considered for this special workshop, please complete the online registration form. We will contact you after reviewing your registration to confirm that your current (or past) executive-level leadership experience and photography skills fit the program. ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

For further information contact Reid Callanan, Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops at 505-983-1400, ext. 115 or rcallanan@santafeworkshops.com.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops is honored to be celebrating its 25th anniversary. As a world-renowned leader in photographic education, we offer everything from the basics of digital photography to advanced studio lighting. To see the full range of our upcoming workshops please visit our Calendar Page.



HAL GREGERSEN is Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center and a Senior Lecturer of Leadership & Innovation in the MIT Sloan School of Management where he pursues his vocation of executive teaching, coaching, and research by exploring how leaders in business, government, and society discover provocative new ideas, develop the human and organizational capacity to realize those ideas, and ultimately deliver positive, powerful results.

Gregersen's most recent book, The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators, flows from a path-breaking international research project (with Jeff Dyer & Clayton Christensen). They explored where disruptive innovations come from by interviewing founder entrepreneurs and CEOs at 100+ of the most innovative companies in the world and by assessing how 8,000+ leaders leverage five key innovation skills to create valuable new products, services, processes, and businesses.

To grasp how leaders find and ask the right questions - ones that disrupt the world - Gregersen is now studying more than 100 business and government leaders. This question-centric project, conducted in collaboration with Clayton Christensen, is surfacing insights into how leaders build better questions to unlock game-changing solutions. Gregersen is also founder of The 4-24 Project, an initiative dedicated to rekindling the provocative power of asking the right questions in adults so they can pass this crucial creativity skill onto the next generation.

Gregersen has co-authored ten books and published over 50 articles, book chapters, and cases on leading innovation and change. He has received several awards for his cutting edge work, including: 2013 Thinkers50 Innovation Award Nominee, 2012 Chartered Management—British Library Book of the Year Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the 2009 McKinsey Award runner-up for the best article in Harvard Business Review. His website is halgregersen.com

SAM ABELL's forty-year career has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography. He has pursued his goals primarily through lengthy, in-depth coverage for National Geographic. For National Geographic, Abell produced more than twenty articles, books and book chapters including major coverages on contemporary cultural, historical and natural history subjects. At the same time, he has maintained a career as an artist, teacher and author.

Abell generated the idea and was primary consultant for the book National Geographic: The Photographs which has sold more than a million copies world wide. A one-person exhibit and monograph of his work at mid-career titled Stay This Moment was organized by the International Center of Photography in New York in 1990. In 2002 a traveling exhibit and monograph of his work titled Sam Abell: The Photographic Life was organized by the University of Virginia Art Museum. His other book credits include Seeing Gardens and The Life of a Photograph.

Abell was a founder of the Santa Fe Center of Photography and has been a member of the boards of the George Eastman House, Rochester, NY and the University of Virginia Museum of Art.

His book, Amazonia, was published in January, 2010 to coincide with a traveling exhibition of images organized by the University of Oregon Art Museum. The first installment of four books in the planned 16-volume publication of The Sam Abell Library was recently released by Radius Books, Santa Fe. Abell's website is samabell-thephotographiclife.com

© Sam Abell

REGISTRATION: If you are interested in being considered for this special workshop, please complete the online registration form. We will contact you after reviewing your registration to confirm that your current (or past) executive-level leadership experience and photography skills fit the program.

DETAILS: Workshop starts in Santa Fe on Wednesday, September 24 with dinner and ends Saturday, September 27 with a closing dinner. Enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

© Sam Abell

© Hal Gregersen

© Sam Abell


© Sam Abell

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