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Visual Storytelling with Audio
with Bob Sacha
August 3 - August 8, 2014


$30 Materials Fee

This workshop is "in season." Tuition includes meal plan; breakfast available for additional fee. Click here for information.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 505.983.1400 x111.

“This workshop was a great intro to sound, audio and storytelling. Bob gave great feedback, support, and positive encouragement backed by his solid knowledge of the subject matter.” Tom Alvarez, past participant, Visual Storytelling with Audio with Bob Sacha

The art of creating and telling stories is changing rapidly, thanks to the digital revolution, new cameras and the power of the Internet. One of the quickest, simplest, and most powerful ways to make our photo stories more compelling is to add digitally acquired audio. This workshop provides essential information and practical exercises for photographers who want to combine still images, video capture, and sound for presentation of their photo stories on the web.

Ambient sounds and interviews are the perfect complement to documentary storytelling and photographic essays. We start by discussing examples of successful stories that combine great images and strong audio. We investigate audio equipment, recording techniques, and editing and publishing programs. We practice interviewing, recording ambient sounds, and adding a narration track.

We edit our images, videos, and sounds together to create powerful multi-media stories, from simple slide shows with music, to complex narratives with audio tracks and interviews. Finally, we learn how to upload polished and professional-quality projects quickly and easily to the Internet.

Combined artfully, pictures, videos, and sound multiply their individual power to inform, entertain, and influence. When posted online, the power of our visual storytelling is amplified.



Bob Sacha: Bob Sacha, an award-winning multimedia producer and an internationally published photographer, is director of visual storytel...

© Bob Sacha


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: (Click for details)
Advanced Amateurs, Professionals

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (Click for details)
Proficiency in digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR camera; working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom

SPECIAL NOTES: (Click for details)
Computer workstations are provided in the digital lab.

On-campus housing available. Click here for pricing information and suggestions for off-campus housing.

This workshop is "in season." Tuition includes meal plan; breakfast available for additional fee. Click here for information.

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