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The Intimate Portrait: Connect With Your Subjects
August 3 - August 8, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Explore the workings, both creative and technical, behind producing the intimate portrait. For five days, Just Loomis guides you in looking closely at the relationship between photographer and subject, with the goal of creating a series of emotionally resonant images while exploring important technical issues.

Just explains and demonstrates his method of working—a significant part of which has to do with interpersonal connections: finding and approaching a subject, helping a subject overcome shyness and fears, establishing trust and rapport. Just also believes that understanding why you as a photographer are drawn to certain human characteristics is crucial to the creation of engaging portraiture. Once you understand your own inner motivations, it is easier to produce an intimate portrait.

We spend one day working with models and then seek out our own subjects in the Santa Fe area. We discover how to create suitable settings for our subjects, incorporating lighting choices that effectively bring forward their personalities and emotions. As we discover and develop the skills required to initiate and sustain communication, we create memorable and lasting portraits.

© Just Loomis
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