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The 5-Minute Portrait
with David Johnson
August 3 - August 8, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


Professional photographers are expected to deliver the most to their clients even when they've been given the least. This could refer to a budget, timeframe, location, or subject that’s less than ideal. (Here’s every photographer’s nightmare scenario: you have a budget of one dollar, five minutes to photograph someone who hates getting their picture taken, and your location is an ugly boardroom!)

Over the course of five days, David shares the knowledge and experience gained from years of working with celebrities and high-profile subjects to help you get the most out your photo assignments. Whether we're in the studio, on location around Santa Fe, or working with models, David shows you how to plan, choose appropriate lighting, scout locations, work with subjects, and deal with curve balls in order to make the most of your time-challenged photography sessions—regardless of whether your subject happens to be a celebrity, entrepreneur, or the average Joe. Feedback and group discussions follow each exercise.

Photo editors love choices, and you learn how to given them those choices—even if you only have five minutes to work. To get the most out of any assignment, you simply need to have a greater understanding of the possible challenges it might present. Any photo assignment, regardless of limitations, has the potential to be a great one.


David Johnson: David Johnson is an award-winning portrait photographer whose work is often centered on celebrities and high-profile subjects...

© David Johnson
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