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The Art of Seeing
with Elizabeth Opalenik
July 27 - August 1, 2014


$50 Model and Location Fee

This workshop is "in season." Tuition includes meal plan; breakfast available for additional fee. Click here for information.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 505.983.1400 x111.

Perception and creativity are the cornerstones of visual style; it is not the subject but the photographer's point of view that makes a great photograph. A single image can have the power to stimulate the imagination and the intellect while also telling a story that awakens the senses. Our challenge is to explore the nature of creativity itself and discover ways to bring its power to our photographs. Over a five-day period, we enhance our own personal aesthetics and discover how to visualize and interpret in new ways. As a result, we develop creative skills necessary to produce strong and compelling images.

Each morning begins with exercises and a review of the previous day’s work. Together we analyze the images, discuss how to cultivate our visual talents, and consider the stylistic strategies of master photographers. Through afternoon assignments we explore the dramatic New Mexico light and learn to see our surroundings in a fresh way. Individual or smaller group meetings with Elizabeth help you consider current projects and future directions. Discussions about presenting and exhibiting your work are enhanced by a visit to a local gallery to talk with the director about photography in the context of the art world.

Join Elizabeth as we learn to create images that stimulate the viewer’s senses and spark their imagination.


Elizabeth Opalenik: Elizabeth Opalenik is a fine-art photographer and sought-after educator who brings a sense of wonder and possibility to stud...

© Elizabeth Opalenik

Creative Vision, Fine Art

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: (Click for details)
Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (Click for details)
Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR camera

On-campus housing available. Click here for pricing information and suggestions for off-campus housing.

This workshop is "in season." Tuition includes meal plan; breakfast available for additional fee. Click here for information.

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