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Intensive: Flash Fundamentals
with Carlan Tapp
July 19 - July 20, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

“Just about everything was great— the sense of community, the new knowledge, and the teacher—Carlan was great! Very willing to share, and he has a great sense of humor.” Bette Frost, past Carlan Tapp workshop participant

Have you ever heard photographers say, "I don't use flash; I only capture available light"? Maybe that actually translates to "I don't have a clue about using flash with my camera,” or "How does this thing work, and when in the world would I want to use it?”

Sound familiar? Maybe you've even said it yourself. If so, this intensive is just what you are looking for! Carlan takes the the mystery out of using flash, and you discover how to add light and life to their photographs without the "look" of flash. Beginning with on-camera flash and quickly moving to using a flash off-camera (often called speed lights), we learn to soften, diffuse, bent, direct, shape, and otherwise control the light we add to our photographs.

Working outside in bright sunlight? Maybe you need just a touch of additional light to put life into your photograph—and we learn how to do that. From TTL, iTTL, and TTL BL to manual, remote, and commander, we cover it all. Carlan makes the presented information easy to understand and shows you how to use it creatively to enhance your photography. After two days you might actually hear yourself marvel, "Wow, this flash thing is pretty cool!”

Tuition for this Intensive includes two lunches.


Carlan Tapp: Carlan Tapp is a photojournalist and educator dedicated to documenting the social and environmental issues that define our ti...

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